Friday, October 21, 2011

Poor Allie-bear

I haven't mentioned it here but Allie has been sick since the second week of school. Yes, that was a month ago. It all started with a bit of a runny nose. And then she started coughing. Whenever Allie has a runny nose, she coughs this barking seal (but not that bad) cough. Mainly when she runs around and at night.

Then she threw up for half a day. And then she was okay but still had a bit of a runny nose. Anytime Rich and I would look at each other and say, "Maybe we should take her to the pedi," she would seem fine the next day so we didn't. Two days later, she would be stuffed up again and coughing. And then she would be fine.


After a few bad nights this week with her coughing and not being able to sleep because of the coughing, we called it in to her pedi. She was diagnosed with a sinus infection, (potential) allergies and (potential) allergy induced asthma. Rich and I were a bit shocked with that last one because she has never complained about anything that I would consider to be asthma related.

I'm still trying to process it all because I wasn't there at the appointment.


She is now taking an antibiotic, allergy medicine and has an inhaler to use. Well, they give little kids a face mask to use with the inhaler because they aren't going to know how to use the inhaler. Quite honestly, I am a bit terrified to give her puffs from the inhaler. Her pedi suggested having her use the inhaler before dance class and gymnastics or if she is going to be running around. We are kind of in a wait and see position right now.

We are hopeful that in the next 7 to 10 days, Allie will be back to good. Fingers crossed!


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Happy birthday to dear, sweet baby James. May you shine through the stars from Heaven tonight. I know your mommy misses you.


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bearie1 said...

The cough, if it's wet, can be indidicative of asthma. Hope Poor Allie-bear feels better soon.

Sarah said...

I have asthma (and bad sinuses) my self. As soon as you said coughing when she runs and at night I thought asthma, and those sinuses - come and go is so typical! Hope Allie feels better soon - that's the worst!

Portlandlynn said...

My 4yo also has asthma symptoms when he has a cold that lingers, and is the same as your daughter - worse at night, in the morning, and when running, playing hard. I have been hesitant with the inhalers, but I have to say that I get the same way with bad colds (though much less now) - and the inhaler really helps me breathe. Don't be afraid of the inhaler - it won't be an always thing. Just to help with the enlarged bronchia when she is sick. If you have questions about it, or concerns., talk to your pedi. I know she/he would help!

Michelle said...

My youngest Aidan is the same way. He was on the inhaler all Winter last year and he got his first cold already and is on it again. Hope she feels better soon.

ps~Can't believe people stole your freaky is that!

Stacey said...

Wow, that sounds alot like my sons "cold". He's had it for at least 3 weeks now, runny nose, and cough while running around (which doesn't stop) and at bedtime. Maybe I should call the pedi, too! Not to jinx my family, no one in our house has had the cold, but extended family has. hmmm... Hope she feels better soon and can keep up with her sisters in now time! Those inhalers work wonders (my bro. has had asthma since a baby)! Good luck!

Alice said...

nice picture! aaaah sinus problems....dealt with them for forever. :( not fun

Katie said...

The good thing about the seasonal allergies and asthma is that they usually grow out of them. My 15 year old had very severe exercise and allergy induced asthma when he was little. We spent night after night on the nebulizer and in and out of the ER. He is now an amazing athlete (a Sophomore on his Varsity football team) and barely suffers from the allergy side of it. I totally hated every bit of it, too, but the inhalers can help so much at keeping it at bay for her.

Julia said...

Hope she is better soon and needs no more meds!