Friday, October 7, 2011

Listening ears


Emily made these listening ears at school last week and she was so very excited to show them to me while detailing out the day's events at school. (Picture taking was a bit difficult with all the talking.)

The girls are enjoying school this year. What a big difference one year can make. Not that they didn't have fun last year. Now, they are so much more talkative and tell us everything that happened during the school day in great detail. Anna can be a bit on the quiet side but will answer questions.

Ballet/tap and gymnastics are still very much enjoyed as well. Allie has almost perfected her cartwheel. She just needs to straighten her legs out. I love when they demonstrate the latest dance moves from tap class. So far, the Boogie-Woogie has been my favorite.


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Hanna said...

I'm so excited for Violet to be the age your girls are, it seems like so much (crazy) fun!

Momma Z said...

That's great. It's nice to know that the girls are enjoying themselves. My son is a year younger so I don't get any details.