Thursday, October 6, 2011

All I want for Christmas

From the beginning, Rich and I have both agreed that we don't want spoiled kids. We don't want kids who demand a toy or balloon with every visit to Target or the grocery store. We don't want kids who expect a prize or earnings with each cartwheel landed or soccer goal scored.

That being said, I do admit to occasionally "spoiling" my girls with material items. Sometimes I purchase toys or clothes that they don't need. It's something that makes me happy. Something that I want to do. I think of it as a treat. An every once in awhile occurrence.

Around the end of August, the girls somehow decided that we were going to go to Target and buy them toys. {Um, no.} I don't know how it happened but everyday one of them would ask when we were going to go to Target. "What day are we going to go to Target to get toys?" At first, Rich and I told them that they didn't need more toys but trying to reason with a four year old is impossible. So we ignored them and I told Rich that he couldn't pay me to set foot in a Target with them in tow. Whatever we were doing as parents eventually worked (or it was just luck) and they stopped asking for a Target toy trip.

Two weekends ago, I really did need to go to Target and because Rich was studying, the girls were with me. We were about halfway through the store when one of them asked if we could look at the toys. I began to groan.

"I don't think this Target sells toys."

That didn't really work. Especially after they spotted the toy section I was trying to avoid.

"Okay, here's the deal. We can look at the toys. Look. Only. We are not going to buy anything. Understand? You can cry and beg all you want but I am not going to buy any toys."

They were perfect angels. We wandered up and down two aisles and the girls pointed out different toys. They never asked me to buy anything. Now, they have started Santa lists, which I'm sure will see many edits, so maybe that helped but I was proud of them and myself.

Emily has been asking for a closet in her bedroom. The issue at hand is that her bedroom is narrow and contains a nook where a closet could be. If that nook were to be closed off for a closet, the room would be even smaller. Rich and I are planning to build it storage space (i.e., a closet) in that nook for her and I'll just sew up some pretty curtains to hid everything instead of closing in the wall.

Last weekend, in the midst of discussing potential presents from Santa, Emily said to me, "All I want for Christmas is my closet." And she was serious. I felt a bit bad because what four year old wants a closet instead of toys.

Sunday afternoon, Rich and I began transforming this nook into a closet for Baby Chick.


And while it may look like a walk in closet to you, don't be fooled by the wide angle lens.

I want to thank you all for voting. I may not be one of the popular bloggers out there or receive a ton of comments on every post but when I reach out and ask for your support, you always give.

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Kari said...

Just because we don't comment, doesn't mean we don't enjoy each and everyone of your posts... :) I look forward to your blog everyday! Honestly!

P.S. It does make it easier, both as a reminder, and quicker if the voting button is visible. Your blog is the only blog I have EVER voted for, and I do it daily! :)

LaurenLC said...

I'm one of those that has never commented in the two months that I've been reading about your family, but I vote for you every day! I'll comment today to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and how inspiring your words are! Also, your daughters are ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and daily lives with us!

Cindy said...

I don't comment on every post but I read every day because I love your style and your family is wonderful. Keep the button on as I vote when I see it. It's a good reminder.
Oh, and Emily and her desire for a closet is too cute. she's going to be so happy when it's done.

Complicated said...

I also do not comment, but I read everyday. I enjoy your honest posts about life with kids, it's not always sunshine and rainbows, but it's real life. I also enjoy your pictures, your girls are beautiful and their fashion choices make me smile!

Heather said...

Your blog is my absolute favorite. I look forward to seeing what your precious girls are up to every day. And what they're wearing! <3

Miss Rachel said...

I agree with all the previous commenters! I read your blog everyday and love watching the girls grow. I also think it is AWESOME that your blog and family is so different from the other "big" ones, yet you always hold steady in the top few! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us.

Remigius said...

Love this pic of a small child (or a kid) who are crazy for giving him a toy or some other else ... thanks for telling us your story...

Now I am going to buy some Christmas Gifts

Sarah said...

These are such awesome comments. You all just made my day!!

(And I know that I should report the spam comment but it is just too funny. Are you for real, Remigius? Everyone knows that you are spamming.)

Andrea said...

I'm not a commenter but your blog is the only one I read every day. <3