Monday, October 24, 2011

Fuzzy heads

We bathe the girls every other night unless they become filthy on a non-bath night, which happened yesterday. Between the chlorine from swim lessons and playing in the sandbox, their hair was gross.

Grammy braided Allie's and Em's hair on Friday. She must have sprayed it with water first because when I took the braids out at bedtime, their hair looked like this.


(Love Anna looking at herself in the mirror!)

The girls thought that their fuzzy heads were hysterical. Em is "Baby" in this picture.




My hair is very fine but I have a lot of strands and natural body. It appears that the girls inherited my hair, which means that it is a tangled mess after bath. About six months ago, I started using my conditioning balm (Matrix Biolage) on their hair and it works wonders. It's like combing butter.


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Riana Robinson said...

aww so adorable I love the pics ...and the hair LOL they have great smiles :)

Tracy said...

Oh, I love these playful pictures... Just cute overload and made me smile this morning 1st thing out of bed. I needed that!!

Andrea said...

I LOVE the pictures of the girls being silly on the bed, I actually LOL'ed out loud. Great pictures!!!

Cindy said...

The love these sisters share is so beautiful. Fuzzy hair is the best. My oldest asks me to braid her hair after her baths so that it will be "all wavy" in the morning. She doesn't see the fuzziness just the lovely fullness of waves in her straight hair.