Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why can't we be like every family!

School started for the girls last week. We attended orientation one day and then there was one day of actual school before the week ended. The girls generally seem to be excited about school. I know that there is still some lingering shyness but fear has not been expressed when school is mentioned.

Unfortunately, orientation occurred during our third day of pouring rain. Emily's orientation was scheduled for 9:15 while Anna and Allie had theirs an hour later. The plan was for me to bring Emily in the Volvo. Rich, Grammy, Allie and Anna would meet us at the school at 10:15. After orientation, Rich would move Em's car seat from the Volvo to the van so that Grammy could bring the girls home while Rich and I drove to work.

Because I needed to get myself ready for work in addition to assisting with the girls (and dealing with clothing drama), there was no opportunity for photos. The rain was obviously a bit of an issue as well.



I was in a bit of a mood myself and blurted out, "Why can't we be like every other family and have a back to school photo?" There was such an accumulation of emotion in that statement. The girls are almost four and a half years old and I feel like it is a mad scramble each and every time we leave the house. Even with my low maintenance nature, there is never time for make-up and my hair is never how I would like it to be. It lives in a pony tail now because that is easy.

I find myself feeling snarky towards the mommy bloggers who have a million pictures of themselves in full make-up and wedge heels and perfect hair and kids who wear whatever is pulled out of the closet for them without pitching a fit and wasting ten precious minutes. Maybe I'm jealous of their time. Maybe I don't understand a life like that.

Our family will only experience one first day of four year old preschool. That was it. Abbey would have been starting kindergarten this year with my friend's daughter. That thought has not slipped my mind during the chaos.

I wanted to drop the girls off at school their very first day but I couldn't because I needed to be to work on time. Although I have flexibility and understanding, I do not want to abuse it. Rich and I needed to drop the girls off at school on Monday, their second day. The girls were very excited that Mommy and Daddy would be bringing them to school and I had planned to bring my camera. I told Rich that I would jump out of the van and take some pictures of them walking into the school and then met him up the street, past the car line.

Monday morning rolled around and Emily wasn't feeling well. She said that her tummy hurt and her head felt fuzzy. She tried to eat breakfast twice but retreated to the couch both times. Her eyes looked a bit glassy. I ended up staying home with her until my sister-in-law arrived to take over because I needed to go to work. Of course.

I realize now that we are not like every other family. I know that there are others out there like us. (The world would be a pretty boring place if we were all the same.)

Girls, if you are reading this, you will see that Mommy tried to take photos of you on your first (and second) day of school. Mommy wanted to document this momentous event in your lives. I love how you replay all the details of your school day for me and Daddy and Grammy. Before the school year is over, I will have pictures of you with your oversized backpacks walking into school.

Post first day of school photos.





(Whenever you see a picture of Emily with her mouth open like that, it means that she has transformed into Baby.)


Michele said...

I feel like that too some days!

Except instead of a ponytail I'm under the illusion that a clip makes me look more "professional."

Pearls & Flip Flops said...

Step 1 toward feeling better is not visiting "perfect" mommy blogs. It's like reading beauty magazines- it will only make you feel bad. You have such amazing photos of your girls, don't sweat the "first day of school" photo. And one of the reasons I like your blog is because you don't pretend to be the perfect mom in wedge heels with perfectly dressed kids and a perfect house. Because that does not really exist. Keep up the good work, you are amazing!

Cassie said...

I ditto the above comment... Stop reading those blogs!

2 out of 3 of my boys make getting ready for anything h@$*. They want to pick and I have actually even started letting them pick their own clothes and shoes from the store... I have veto power of course, but it makes things easier! Of course today Connor went to school in 2 different shoes, b/c he insisted and we were running late... Hope that makes you feel better! :)

Jayme said...

I have like zero pics of myself on my blog- or anywhere really- because I'm the one with no make up, probably unwashed hair in a ponytail, and completely disheveled.
I don't know how you do all you do- triplets, work, running, sewing, photography... blows my mind. Don't sell yourself short!

Hope's Mama said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love what the girls wear, even if it is not what you wanted them to be wearing :)
They have style, and so do you!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Believe me, our first day of preschool was crazy and I only got a photo because the nanny held Jo. And I decided one was enough - no "perfect" shot. I'm never going to do preschool drop-off with my new job (and hour long commute) but I should be home to do bedtime every night. Tradeoffs, I guess.

Beth said...

I just want to say that I have 1 daughter (my little Emily) - 2.5 years old and my life is SO similar to yours that I am scared of having a 4 year old. I NEVER get make up on and my hair always looks odd. Wedge heels? coordinated clothes? forget it! I don't even day dream anymore. Now my day dream is about going to the bathroom ALONE and flushing by myself. You are definitely not alone. Those "perfect" mommy bloggers can't possible be real :)

Stacy said...

I can so relate to this. I did take a day off of work to go to their first day of preschool, but it was only because we haven't been able to go on a vacation this year and I had the time!

I also can relate to the bittersweet aspect of the first day of school. My oldest daughter would have been starting second grade. In our house we will only have one first day of each grade even though we have 3 children.

(((HUGS))) I want to be like every other family, too.

PS - Wedge heals? Really? I don't even own a pair! :)

Heather said...

Perfect mommy bloggers need to quit infecting us with their lies! I can't even wear open toed shoes right now I am in such bad need of a pedicure and a wedge? Ha. Yeah, right. Do mommies wear make-up? I don't know how. I'm just glad my little girl still isn't big enough to pick her own clothes or care what she wears, although I am sure the day will come. Then we'll never get out of the house. It already takes an extraordinary amount of time....Your girls are perfect and if a perfect family exists they would creep me out.

Cindy said...

I've given this a lot of thought because I am the mom that looks disheveled even though I try so hard to be put together. Pre-kids, I never left the house without makeup on. Now, I don't wear makeup and my hair is in a pony tail most days. This is because my priorities are different than those who are beautifully made up. I have a friend who's hair and makeup are always done. Every day. She wakes up earlier to do it because it's that important to her. For me, that extra 10 minutes of sleep is worth a ponytail. The extra hanging with my kids helping them get ready is worth no mascara (ok, that's not true. I'd rather have mascara than try and wrangle 3 kids into clothes, throw breakfast down their throats and god help me, brush their hair, but that isn't my reality right now).
When I absolutely need makeup or I need to feel good about the way I look - I get it done. It isn't easy to do because getting out of the house with 3 kids is difficult, but I throw on mascara and some shadow and gloss. Hair is usually still in a ponytail, but sometimes I'll get crazy and do a twist with one of those hair clasp things. Am I jealous of those ladies that always look great - YUP! Do I care enough to get up earlier - NOPE, not on most days :)