Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Story Land

We were all awake and up bright and early Wednesday morning. After packing up the van, we began our day at Story Land. Well, our first stop was to dispose of our trash. At first, I thought this was a wooden silhouette on the golf course.


It was a real moose! I only had my 35mm lens with me so I blew this picture up 100% and cropped it so you could see the moose better.


(The family behind us offered to take a picture of our family. Rich said, "Yeah, sure." Grammy was standing there with her camera but what the hay. Anyway, I had just taken a picture of the girls so I figured the settings would be fine. They were but I think the focal point landed behind us.)


Just as with Santa's Village, we all enjoyed our visit to Story Land. The girls were tall enough this year to enjoy the bigger kid rides (although an adult still had to ride with them) such as the roller coaster and bamboo shoots water ride. It became apparent at Santa's Village that Allie takes after Rich in the ride department. She does not like or do well on fast, spinning rides or roller coasters. We all rode the roller coaster at Santa's Village and Emily, Anna and I were the only ones who laughed.

At Story Land, I brought Emily on the roller coaster and then rode it again with Anna. This was probably the longest line we waited in. Maybe five minutes. Even though I told Rich and Grammy that this roller coaster was more tame than the one at Santa's Village, they still wouldn't try it out!


(Allie's posing cracks me up.)


It felt like we moved faster as a group this year than in the past, which is giving me high hopes for our (hopeful) Disney vacation next year.




Allie and Em found Clifford while Rich was cathing Anna in the van. They both went up and sat with him without any prodding. Afterwards, Allie said, "Mommy, aren't you proud of us? We weren't shy."


When Anna returned, all three went to say hi to Clifford again. Look at Anna!


(Allie's hand on my leg for the balloon ride.)


We watched the circus show last year and because we were crunched for time this visit, we didn't plan to see it again. Well, Emily listened to the announcement of the times and then flipped out because we HAD to GO to the show. So we went. She carried around this map for the entire day.


(LOVE that I took that picture in a darkish circus tent with no flash. D7000!)

Rich and I have had quite a few people tell us that they like Santa's Village better than Story Land. One of their reasons is the cleaniness. To be honest, Rich and I rated them both the same. My only complaint is that there don't seem to be as many bathroom locations at Story Land. Rich and I departed the bamboo shoots ride with Allie and Anna to discover that Em HAD TO GO to the bathroom. I picked her up and ran and let me tell you that it was a LONG run to the bathroom.



Anna's ice cream cup is on the right. When Emily wasn't looking, Anna dug her spoon into Em's ice cream. Em turned around and exclaimed, "Hey! That's my ice cream." Anna's response was "Well, mine is empty."


We said to good-bye to Story Land at 3:30 and began our four-hour-due-to-traffic trek home. Operation Keep Children Awake went into effect an hour into the drive when I noticed that Allie had the look. There was no way they were going to take a two hour snooze. No way. A two hour snooze (or any snooze at all) means that they will be awake until 9:00, sometimes 10:00 that night and I NEEDED to go to bed so no way. We set up the portable DVD (we don't have one permanently affixed to the van) and they watched movies.

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Erin said...

I love the picture of all three girls in the pumpkin carraige! It's so sweet!

Cindy said...

I know how much work and effort it can be to take 3 children on family vacation, but these pictures really show just how worth it it is. Everyone looks like they had such a great time. I am dying to take me kids to Story Land. The little ones are 3 and the oldest is 7. I hope she isn't too old for it.

These pictures are awesome. Hand on the leg - precious. Ice cream thief - hysterical (my Samantha is exactly the same with eating everyone else's food when they turn their head). They pumpkin carriage is beautiful.

Triple U said...

This comment isn't related to this post, but I saw something that I thought your girls would love. My girls are too young. Anyway - Target is offering free phone calls from Disney Princesses. Here's the link, if you're interested: http://www.targetdisneyprincesscall.com/i

I'm sure your girls would be thrilled to receive a call from a princess! I know it's a little scary to click on a random link sent to you from a stranger, but I promise this is real - from one triplet mama to another.

Beth said...

Looks like such a great time! They are getting big. I bet a Disney World trip would be a blast for those little girls. Think of the fun they would have surrounded by all their favorite characters!

ctmommyx3 said...

Great pictures! We went last year and my youngest was almost 4 at the time. he has never been and loved it! Even the older kids at the time were 7 and 9 had a blast.
I just LOVE the pumpkin carriage photo. and everytime we have gone I try for the picture with Humpty Dumpty and never get one! my kids have always said he looks too creepy!

Pearls & Flip Flops said...

The pumpkin carriage photo is pure magic! Gorgeous! Your girls are adorable.