Friday, September 30, 2011

Sweet dreams

* Have you ever made your kids laugh so hard that they burp/hiccup and then throw up a little bit in bed? Sorry, Em. I know that bedtime is supposed to be calm but sometimes funny is better.

* Bad dreams are the girls' main excuse for sneaking into our room (and bed) in the middle of the night. So now I ask them for details of their bad dreams because really, what is there to dream about that is scary? Here's the bad dream that Emily replayed for me this morning: "We were in the van driving to a house because you told us that there was a surprise there. A beaver opened the trunk door and was trying to pull me out of the van."

"A beaver or a beetle?"


"Okay. Well, how big was this beaver?"

"He was like [holding her arms about a foot apart] this big."

"That's it. He wasn't very big. Couldn't you just kick him?"

Allie's bad dream: "I was swimming in a pool and there were alligators in it. I grabbed a tree branch and swung up and hit the alligators with the branch. Then I was running and the alligators were chasing me."

Another bad dream from Allie: "A wolf was chasing me. I was trying to run but I couldn't move."

So four year olds really do have bad dreams.

* Not only do I use a lot of light to take pictures of the girls sleeping, I sometimes stand on their beds too.


Allie still sleeps with Elmo every night. She'll whine, "Elmeee, Elmeee," if he isn't in her bed. One night, she told me that he didn't smell very good so I offered to wash him and return a fresh Elmo to her bed while she was sleeping. "No. I would miss him too much."

I had to take a picture of them sleeping eye to eye.


Sophie Slim said...

Eye to eye! So sweet. I've been reading you blog for ages now, long time stalker and shy commenter. Love your blog :)

Sophie Slim said...

... also, that amazes me about the girls dreams!! What imaginations!!

Alice said...

what about tickling them so much they wet themselves? :)

and i have had that same "I tried to run away but couldn't move" type dream about once a week, all my life. As I've grown, the settings have changed but it's the same problem. I hope she outgrows it.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your comments Sophie Slim - nice to meet you!

Alice - haven't had that experience yet with tickling. lol

I too have those trying to run away but can't dreams. Makes me think that I'm trying to get away from something in real life but can't.

Jayme said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who turns on lights and stands on beds to get pics of sleepers!