Monday, September 26, 2011

Please don't leave just yet, summer.

While most bloggers are busy discussing the latest in fashionable sweaters and boots or posting photos of their kids frolicking through apple orchards, we here at The Great Umbrella Heist are still embracing summer. Those of us in New England experienced a miserable, cold, snowy winter last year followed by a miserable, cold, rainy spring. There is no need to rush the cool weather.


Playing outside evolved for us over the summer. Allie has mastered the bicycle. With training wheels, of course! She whips up and down the street with ease now. Emily prefers the tricycle and is quite the little speed demon on it.


Anna tries but doesn't have the muscle strength to really pedal her bicycle. The tricycle is easier for her but again the muscle strength is lacking. I think it will be easier for her next summer when her legs are longer.


Yesterday (Sunday) would have been a beach day for us had it not been for swim lessons and a family function. And laundry. It was humid and at least 80 degrees. Definitely not fall weather.


We'll happily hang on to summer for a few more weeks. Thankyouverymuch.



Angela said...

Those of us in the South are enjoying our 80 degree Fall. Haha. It was sooo hot this summer!! 80 degrees feels coolish! We've also had 60-70 degree days. Those are the best! :-) Enjoy your last few glimpses of Summer!


Chelcie said...

Random question time!

1) Is there a story behind the name of your blog? I've looked before for it and have been unsuccessful.

2) When you're pregnant with multiples, how do you tell each baby apart in utero? I always hear stuff about Baby A, Baby B, etc., but is there really a way to distinguish each baby? Don't they move around a lot when they're still tiny? Also: How did you decide which baby to name what name? You've posted before about how you came up with their names, but how did you decide Baby A gets This Name?

Sarah said...

Thank you for the comment, Angela.

Chelcie - check out the new FAQs page - the link is at the top of my blog.

As the girls grew, they pretty much stayed in the same spot. They would flip around but Allie was always across the lowest part of my uterus. Anna was on the right side, up under my ribs and Em was on my left side down lower.

I paid attention to where I felt movement and made sure that I felt that same movement consistently. If there was kicking in the middle, I wouldn't know who that was but otherwise I had a good guess as to which baby was moving.

As for the names. Alicenne was the next name on my baby name list so we gave that to Baby A. Because of Anna's medical conditions, we wanted her to have a special name. My great aunt was also a nun - it made sense to us for Baby B to have her name.