Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion week: What's IN for preschoolers

Today, our models, Alicenne and Emilia will be showcasing some new purchases for the start of the school year.

First up is Emilia. Now, in case you are a bit behind in fashion, wearing tights as pants is all the rage these days. Take note.


Ballerina shirt - Oshkosh Outlet
Tights - Oshkosh Outlet
Leopard print shoes - Gymboree Outlet

And here comes Alicenne. Eat your heart out, GymboreeGapOldNavyOshkoshTheChildrensPlace. She's my model. Yes, you are missing out.


Dress - Oshkosh Outlet

Emilia again.


Owl shirt - Oshkosh Outlet
Cord skirt - Oshkosh Outlet
Owl tights - Gymboree Outlet
Shoes - Gymboree Outlet

And one last outfit from Alicenne.


Dress - TCP Outlet

Custom creations are also very much in demand. For this skirt, Seamstress Sarah simply cut the legs from too short jeans and created a skirt for the bottom.


(Be sure to wear it with a non-matching shirt!)

Okay, so in all seriousness, this clothing business is driving me and Rich and Grammy absolutely insane. The girls are in this 'I need to express my independence phase' and insist on picking out everything on their own. Oh, you want a cookie? They need to pick which one they want from the bag even though they are all exactly the same. Okay, let's floss our teeth. JUST PICK A FREAKING FLOSSER! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!

Here's what our family room looked like for a week before I was able to wash the new clothes and move them upstairs.


Did you know that Little Elephant is a fashion designer? Well, he is and outfits must be presented to him for his approval.


When the girls started school last year, part of our routine the night before a school day was to set out their clothes to help Grammy with time management come morning. The girls now insist on picking out their clothes every. single. night. There's always drama and we always end up with a million discarded clothing items in the family room. I've tried giving them the choice between two different outfits (both selected by me). Usually Allie and Em will go along with it. Anna never does.

Someone usually ends up crying. Someone usually ends up with a crazy, mismatched outfit. And someone usually takes FOREVER to make up her mind.

I never thought I would say this but I am happy that the girls are in separate classrooms right now. Emily has really been into having her own space and her own items as of late. There's a little nook in her room that could be a closet if one were to close it in (or just hang up some shelving and sew a pretty curtain to hide it.) This is what the space looks like now.


We have added "make Emily a real closet" to our to do list.

Tonight, I pulled a dress from the closet for Allie to wear to school tomorrow. I hyped it up with how adorable it is. Never mind the fact that she selected it from the store herself. She cried and told me that she couldn't wear it because she has already worn it to school, which she hasn't. Seriously? I'm giving you a pass for that one because you were obviously tired. Don't try it again.


Erin said...

That skirt you made is adorable!

Cindy said...

Great modelling, girls. Love the skirt you made.
As for the drama of picking out clothing - it doesn't end. At least through 7. My daughter tries my patience every night with picking outfits for the next day. I try to stay calm because it's a battle I don't want to get into. The issue is weather appropriateness. She doesn't get the concept, or more likely, she doesn't care. So we have sun dresses with long sleeve shirts and tights in the winter (that was a compromise last year). We have layers in the hot weather so she can take it off when she realizes just how hot it is out there. We no longer clash though. That is good. Now my 3 y/os are a different story. The crazier the patterns are, the better. Yesterday for one it was polkadot shirt with hippy flowery pants. Today for the other was denim on denim. Wowzer!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Erin!

No, Cindy! That's not what I want to hear - lol. We have the same issue with weather appropriate too.