Saturday, August 13, 2011

C+C (Music Factory)

A few days before we left for Michigan, the girls' cousins, Clive and Charlie, stopped by for a visit.


I attempted to take some photos of Charlie and Clive. As an almost two year old, Clive wanted nothing to do with the camera. Charlie was a bit easier to photograph. Plus, how could I resist?


The backdrop to that photo is white fleece. I left the background unedited because, well, I tried to edit it and didn't have the patience. I'm posting it to show you why it is important to stretch and secure fabric if you are going to use it for a backdrop.


Charlie was teething and had his tongue stuck out almost the entire time feeling his new tooth.




I have to post this next one because Charlie is like Super Baby. He was born in December and he is already doing this.


I fully expect him to be running around at the family Christmas party this year.

Have I mentioned that the girls will be taking a ballet/tap dance class beginning in September? Well, Allie was having a ball dancing on the plexiglass. And Clive joined her.


It is so funny to watch them interact because Clive views the girls as big kids and follows them around. The girls aren't quite old enough to understand any of this. Now, the girls have made it known that they don't like boys except for Daddy (and I'm assuming Allie's "boyfriend.") Well, after that visit the girls all said, "The only boys we like are Daddy, Clive and Charlie."

Do you think we can extend the boy ban for another 14 years?

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Anonymous said...

That last picture is soooo cute with him in a pair of the girls shoes. <3 :D :D

Nitzalie said...

I really enjoy your posts.. the pictures are always amazing and your girls are always so darling.. Clive and Charlie are also cute;)

Wendy said...

The boys are so cute!! And I laughed for the first time in days at Clive and Allie dancing on your plexi :)

Sarah said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful litte boys !