Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a small world

Okay, I need to get back to my vacation posts.

So as I mentioned earlier, the girls slept great (aside from Em waking up at 6:15) our first night in VA. The second night wasn't so smooth. Allie had some cough thing going on - we suspected it was nasal drip from allergies. She was sleeping fairly restlessly and ended up in bed with me and Rich, which wasn't that big of a deal until Anna woke up.

I ended up spending the rest of the night on the single air mattress. A portion of that time was spent with Anna holding my hand from the shorter air mattress next to me. I am convinced that she thinks I am Gumby. And then Em woke up and insisted on sleeping on the single air mattress with me. Thankfully that only lasted for a few hours because she kept pushing me over to the side and I was waiting to roll off and land on Anna.

There were about 10-15 girls within my circle of close friends from high school. One of those friends, Heather, just happens to live 20-25 minutes from D & A. Talk about a small world. She has identical twin girls and we hadn't seen each other in over a year so after breakfast on Memorial Day, we headed over to their house for a wonderful visit.


It took all of the girls a bit of time to warm up to each other, which I am learning is common for 3 - 4 year olds, but then they spent the rest of the day playing together.


I just love how they are holding hands.


Rich and I along with the girls headed back to D & A's house for a cook-out. Heather and her family were able to join us which was fantastic because we were all able to spend more time together. The kids spent the afternoon in the kiddie pools because it was 100 degrees out. 100 degrees. My clothes were soaking wet by the time all was said and done.

Clive decided to ham it up for Auntie's camera.



Baby Charlie!


It was so funny watching Heather's girls and my girls run around together because they look like miniature versions of us.



Clive and Charlie were already in their rooms sound asleep by the time we wrangled the girls onto the semi-deflated air mattresses. Rich and I headed upstairs and listened to them chattering away. I was about to send Uncle Don downstairs to tell them to hush up before they woke up the boys when I head Anna and Em saying, "No, Allie. Stop, Allie. You are going to get hurt."

I rushed downstairs to find them all still in their beds. Uh, what's the problem? "Allie's chewing on her blanket."

As I was about to leave, Allie announced that she had to poop so I ushered her into the bathroom. As she sat there taking care of business, I told her that they needed to be quiet so that they wouldn't wake up the boys. Allie, as serious as can be, said, "But Mom. We need to tell you when we finish our water. We need to poop. We... we need to do stuff!" I'm still laughing about that.

As you can see from the photos or lack there of, this vacation wasn't the photographic experience I wanted it to be. I mentioned bringing my tripod with me with the thought of driving into DC at night. (It's a short drive but I would have needed a driver.) Rich talked some sense into me. I look at it this way - one day, Rich and I will be retired and have time to drive around and photograph whatever I want to photograph. Right now, I have three four year olds.


Tracy said...

Sounds like a great time. It's so funny seeing all those look alike little bodies together... cute overload. Pics are great as usual!

Jessica said...

I love Allie being so serious about needing to do stuff!

mommytocutiepie said...

I love that the girls are all hugging each other as well!!! So cute!!

Jeremy DeBauche said...

I can tell you, having lived in DC for the past six years before recently moving to Chicago, the pictures of your girls and your friends' twins all playing together and laughing, is way more interesting than anything you'll find in downtown DC :) Plus, everything in DC has been photographed to death. Your pics are the "once in a lifetime" kind. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

Christi said...

on your next trip to DC, consider doing a Monument Tour at Night. They stop at all the monuments so you don't have to try to navigate and park. It's a great experience. The girls might really enjoy it - or if D&A will babysit you could have a nice date night with DH!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a really awesome vacation in VA (it's where I live so I might be biased!). Love your photography. :)