Monday, June 20, 2011

Crafty cowgirls

The girls love all things crafty. We've recently entered the world of markers, glue sticks and scissors. Em is fairly adept at cutting. Allie and Anna easily become frustrated and give up. We do keep the scissors and glue out of reach when the girls are not being supervised and luckily, we have had no incidents.

The girls all say that they want Tangled hair so I doubt that they would cut their own hair. We still supervise though.






They also LOVE activity books. Em spent approximately half of the weekend working in her jumbo size Hello Kitty activity book. Anna is hysterical because even though I know that she knows what to do, she still asks, "What do you do on this page?"

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This weekend our girls started playing "hair cut". They took a plastic butter knife from their play kitchen, and B sat very patiently while A sawed away at the back of her hair. It was too darn cute...but it makes me some kinda nervous thinking that they'll be old enough to use real scissors one day. I think I'll go ahead and lock the scissors up now! :)

tayter said...

I just wanted to take a second and let you know that i totally adore your blog. Your three girls are so perfect and I just love all the pictures that you post. I recently just had a baby girl and can't wait to do all the things that you do with your girls, with mine. Thanks for the great reading : )

Cindy said...

You are in for some really fun times with the new crafts they can do now. Activity Books are a hit in our home too. My 3 y/o's love the idea but need to catch up on the actual activity of it. Their older sis, 7, still asks me, "What do you do on this page". She can read, I think she just likes the group effort.

Wiley said...

Any particular activity book recommendations? Particularly that I can just order from Amazon? Our almost 4-year-old has never had the pleasure and since he spends a lot of time at his "work station", I'm guessing he would love this.