Monday, May 9, 2011

A visit

I know I've mentioned it before but let me refresh your memory about our housing situation. Well, it's not really a situation. Rich and I were living in our first house when the girls were born. The house was built in 1880ish and we had painstakingly restored/renovated it. (I now know the true meaning of sweat equity.)

Unfortunately, we had not anticipated living there with more than two children.

Surprise! Three babies.

The thing about houses built in 1880ish is that only certain people want to live in them, which is why we weren't able to sell it. That and the crappy housing market. If I had known that I was going to become a photographer (hobbyist!), we might have stayed put. Well, maybe not. I do like having closets.

We still own the house (now there is some sentimental value attached to it as well.) We rent it out and the few times that it has been empty, I say that I'm going to use it for photo shoots with the girls. But I never do. For various reasons. Lack of time. I would have to bring props over there. Rich always has school work. I'm tired. Blah.

We stopped by on Saturday and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. New tenants are moving in so no real photo shoots this time around.


I used to have this dream that I was a real photographer and the house was my studio. Wide pine wood floors. Oversized windows allowing for maximum natural light. Allie's boots are on the wrong feet.


These pictures were all taken in what was the nursery. Abbey's room. We didn't know if we were having a baby boy or a baby girl so we painted the room neutral colors. A pale, pale green below the chair rail with an extremely fair yellow (almost cream) above it. We purchased cherry wood furniture to stand out against the pine floors and white trim.


I still see a young girl sitting on a round pink and purple Pottery Barn-esque rug in the center of the room. I'm standing in the doorway watching her play but she doesn't realize I'm there. Mid-afternoon sunlight is streaming through the back window highlighting her blond hair.

The new tenants asked if the house is haunted. I believe it is but only with kind spirits.


I hate to put this here in this post but it is what it is. Remember my complaint (maybe sarcastic) a few weeks ago about how my blog was skipped over for nominations of style mommy blogs? Well, I have been nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Parents with Multiples!

So yes, this is where I ask (beg and plead) for votes. To be honest with you, I hate asking for votes but you all have been so awesome in voting for me at Top Baby Blogs.

You can vote once every 24 hours by going here:

And clicking on the thumbs up sign next to the number of votes for my blog.

I also have a badge/link thing on my sidebar because I probably won't put this in every post. Voting ends May 30th.

Thanks in advance!


Alice said...

That tangled dress is sooooooo cute! What an adorable stage!

Tracy said...

Congrats on the nomination!! You have an inspirational story and quite the following and should do well!!!