Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stylin' (or not) Saturdays

There must be some kind of mistake because I keep reading all these blog posts from moms saying that they were nominated for some top 25 moms with style contest thing. How was I overlooked? Is this not stylish enough for you?


So in all honesty, style blogs are a new thing for me. It's like I was living under a rock for the past five years and emerged to find that people post pictures of their outfits on the internet. I'm cool with that but some of them seem fake to me. As in, did you really wear that to the grocery store? Or, okay, wait until your kid is two years old and you won't be wearing that to take him to the playground.

Let it go, Sarah. Let it go.

So in keeping it real, I'll tell you about the awesome outfit I wore yesterday. It consisted of oversized black capri track pants, a size grande Goo Goo Dolls t-shirt from 1999 (I'm getting soooo old it hurts), mismatched wool socks and my house slippers. (I have "a touch" of Raynaud's and my feet hurt when they get cold. I would add that it's from my elderly condition but I've had it since high school.)

I was very, very, very busy on Saturday with house stuff. It really is never ending.

Alright, let's see what the princesses decided to wear.

First up is The Princess and the Lion along with Cowgirlrockstar Princess.


They decided to accept some fashion consultation on this day even though no one was allowed to style their hair. It doesn't look like it but I did brush their hair.

And here we have Princess Purple Boots along with The Princess and the Lion.


I sometimes wonder if maybe deep down I am jealous of the "style" moms but then I look at what I have and I'm really not.



I still have not seen a style blog from a triplet mom though!!!


Anonymous said...

O_O How on earth could a mom of multiples have time to do a "style blog" is beyond me... They'd need a lot of help and most of it would have to be paid. (Maids and perhaps a personal dresser come to mind) LOL ;) The kids are adorable as always though :) :) :)

Tracy said...

Not sure I'll ever get a stylin' mom nomination either since I just today updated my wardrobe with a trip to Walmart.

Alice said...

Four year olds have the best fashion sense!

Emily said...

our babies aren't even here yet and I don't have time (or desire really) to put together a "stylish" outfit. oh well. my dog park friendly clothes are playground friendly :)

Laura said...

I don't understand the style mom blogs either, LOL. I'm sure a lot of those outfits are just for the camera and not their actual daily attire. I change my outfit (tee shirt and jeans) several times a day because my baby is always spitting up on me. I'm not piling on the necklaces over my pretty skirt/dress and wearing heels. Your little ones are adorable though!

M.F. said...

I love reading about your girls. They are so sweet, and have such interesting personalities. To be honest, it doesn't matter to me what anyone is wearing. And I get told by my own mom that my daughter (who will be two in a few weeks - eek!) dresses better than me. the time I get her dressed and out the door, there's no time to care what I am wearing! LOL I can;t imagine how you do it with 3. But you make life with triplets seem so wonderfully easy and fun!

Cindy said...

Ok, I love your slipper look. Mixed socks - we call them night-night socks because we "normally" wear them to bed. We are in the process of moving so matching socks is not on our priority list lately. Yes, we ALL go out in mismatched socks. We are a sight. It was fine when the weather was cold, but no so much this last week.

I was proud of my style this past week. My clothes were all clean,no stains on me. I even put on mascara AND lipstick AND my nails were painted. I don't think I'd get nominated for a stylish mom, but I felt good.

Your daughters style sense is PERFECT!!!!

Pyjammy Pam said...

hee hee, love it!

actually, there is a very funny triplet mom who does one. i'll have to find the link.

JEN said...

I have Raynauds too and it is my great desire to move somewhere where there is no winter.

My daughter has one of the same skirts and the monkeying around shirt. I enjoy seeing their cute little faces. Do you usually fix their hair everyday or does Grammy?

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone :) Yeah, Rich is usually ushering the girls out the van while I'm half ready. No time for Mommy.

Pam - I would love that link if you can find it.

Jen - Grammy does their hair during the week - they usually aren't even dressed when I leave in the morning. I do their hair on the weekends - sometimes they don't want anything done to it though so I just brush it out. And then it looks like a mess 10 mins later.

Wendy said...

I'm gonna need to see these style blogs. It's 9:40am on a Tuesday and I haven't even put a bra on yet... and I took the girls to school like this. "Cuz I'm freeeee!! Freee Faaallin'..."

Angela said...

There is no hope for me.

I don't even have kids and I'm wearing old navy yoga pants, a tank top, and a sweatshirt. If I was at home, I would probably be braless. (TMI, I know.) Oh and I only get this fancied up when I go to nanny for my baby boys! ;-) Mondays and Tuesdays are my no-work days and I wear my pjs if I'm not going anywhere. :-) Good thing my husband doesn't expect anything more!

Oh and Sundays, I DO look cute for church and grandma's. Saturdays, I'm known for my jeans and cute top and flats if we leave the house. If not, then it's pj's still.

I hope I at least change my clothes daily when I have kids. That will be an accomplishment.