Monday, May 2, 2011

Did you yell at me?


I am absolutely wiped out right now. So much so that I need to cut out some me time tonight and just go to bed. After I iron, of course. (I hate ironing.) The girls had me awake at 6:00 both mornings this weekend. When that happens, I always try to be positive and embrace the day with thoughts of how much I can achieve being up at the crack of dawn.

I never can accomplish as much as I think I can.

Allie and Anna (and sometimes Em) have this newish thing where they cry hysterically if we "yell" at them. If I politely say, "Please do not throw that ball in the house," that is yelling. To them. Do you see where I am going with this? Any statement (and 90% do not involve any type of yelling at all) where we ask them to not do something is considered yelling.

I hope this phase passes soon. I hate to see them cry over nothing because there's been a lot of crying over the past four years and if there is nothing to cry about, then let's not cry. Last night during bedtime story reading, I said something to Allie. I can't even remember what it was. She became really quiet and then looked at me with pouty eyes and asked, "Did you yell at me?"

"No, sweetie. I did not yell at you."

It is finally warming up around these parts, although Saturday was overcast and a bit on the chilly side. The girls enjoyed swinging (aka "someone push me!") Notice how Allie and Anna are wearing clothes different than those in the pictures I posted yesterday. Apparently, there was a water incident (aka Emily.)

I just love this picture.



Meg said...

Great picture! Love it! Our girls do the same thing about the yelling sometimes. So weird!

mommytocutiepie said...

Love the last pic too! The girls are so gorgeous!

Tracy said...

OMGOODNESS!!!!! That last photo is PERFECT in every way!! I LOVE it!!!! Ok, the problem you are having we never had and I kinda wish we had... we just can't seem to get anyone's attention unless we yell and I just HATE yelling.

Niccki1211 said...

Love the last picture!

Pyjammy Pam said...

Love the hat on the middle child! (And I hate myself for not knowing who that is.)

Oliver is kind of like that now, gets very upset if we "yell" at him. I hope it doesn't get worse at 4!