Sunday, March 13, 2011

I have the princess(es)

And people who want to meet the princess(es). I guess all I need now is a Nikon D90 and I too could be a real Disney PhotoPass photographer! (Except I don't like to use fill-in flash. That could be a problem.)


One afternoon last weekend, Princess Aurora entered our family room with stool. She sat down and asked who wanted to meet her.



Sleeping Beauty loves hugging babies.


Our attempt at a picture with Daddy.


In all seriousness, I'm still debating over which camera to upgrade to, if any. I was all set to order the D7000 and now I am having second thoughts. Do I really need that camera? I gave up my dream of ever being good enough to "go pro." Plus, I have three small kids and a full time job. It really was a dream.

I am always extremely careful with my camera but I am now used to the mindset that if something happens to it, it's not that big of a deal because it needs to be replaced. So now I don't know what to do. Should I just get the D90? Should I wait until my D50 stops functioning? Although, I do need to test out some of my lenses on Grammy's D90. My camera seems to be taking a really long time to autofocus.

The girls' big gymnastics show is coming up in a few months. I need a camera with better ISO capabilities and a faster zoom lens. I sometimes hate making decisions.

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Tracy said...

Just A-Dor-Able!!!!

Goddess in Progress said...

Go for the good camera. I have faith that you're not exactly putting yourself in the poor house to get it. Yeah, it's a splurge, but it's a good one. You won't regret it!

Cindy said...

I assume you have the money for the camera available or you wouldn't be asking this question.
This is going to make YOU really HAPPY.

YOU deserve a splurge and a treat.

YOU will make incredible pictures with it that you will have forever and share with your "fans" here.

It's a win-win-win situation. DO IT!

CJ said...

Can I buy your old camera?? Will you sell it to me???

Christi said...

I'll send you an email that was very helpful for me when I wanted to upgrade. I use Canon and recently went from a Rebel XT to a 7D.

Christi said...

I should add that I'm not a pro photographer either. But I was starting to feel limited by the Rebel XT - especially with low light and the available focus points. I think you could definitely justify the D7000. You've got a great mastery of photography and exposure and you use your camera constantly.

Rikki said...

I can understand your frustration with you old camera. However it's been my experience that a really awesome camera with crumby lenses will not take awesome photos. But a sorta crumby camera with awesome lenses will take awesome photos. Plus your camera will/can always need to be updated with new gadgets and bells and whistles but lenses stand the test of time and you'll have them forever. I think investing in lenses that are great in low light and are fast and have image stabilization are worth the money. I wouldn't bother shelling out super money for a professional camera to take pictures at 10 frames per second. You aren't photographic hummingbirds! (although I'm sure you feel that way with your kiddos)

Alice said...

OMG. so cute.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, it would be a bit of a splurge - of course, B&H is sold out of them again.

CJ - LOL - you don't want this camera!

Thank you for the email Christi.

Rikki - the 2 big issues with this camera are the ISO and the focus points. The ISO only goes up to 1600 and I only have 5 focal points. I agree with the lens/camera thing!

Anonymous said...

You totally could go pro Sarah!! I recently upgraded from D40 to D300s, the ISO capabilities are awesome. Treat yourself!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

For as much as you take pictures and your knowledge you should treat yourself to the D90. I think you will be a lot more confident and happy with your work. Your work is great. Keep shooting.