Saturday, March 12, 2011

Updates: Preschool & Gymnastics

Rich and I both took a day off from work last week to attend a meeting with Anna's teacher and therapists to discuss her development plan for the next school year. These meetings are always scheduled for smack dab in the middle of the day, which isn't the greatest for two parents who work in the city. It was worth burning through a vacation day though. The girls were so excited that Mommy and Daddy would be dropping them off and picking them up from school. And I was able to renew my driver's license.

My attempt at snapping off a few pictures of the girls before we left for school failed. Here's an example.


I won't get into the technical reasons why this is a "bad" photo. I posted it because it makes me smile. Allie's eyes were really puffy that morning too. We had been giving her eye drops for almost 48 hours at that point so she was not contagious. And because someone wants to ask this question - no, I do not dress them alike for school. The two of them wanted to wear the same dress.

The meeting with the teachers went okay. Anna met her goals for the year for OT but didn't go beyond those goals. She barely met her PT goals. They are recommending that she attend school three times a week next week, which is what I had been hoping for. The four year olds usually attend three times a week and I really wanted that for the girls but because Anna attends to receive services, I was afraid that they wouldn't find that necessary. I know, ridiculous thoughts.

I do worry about Anna and school. I don't want to get into this really long post regarding why so I'll just state that I do. I was very happy to hear that she is actually talking and participating now in class. Oh, and I asked about kindergarten. I asked if Anna would be placed into a different or special room because of her needs. I was told no and when I mentioned placing the girls together in the same kindergarten classroom, Anna's teacher and both therapists were like, "NO! DON'T DO IT."

They said that from their observations, the girls (I don't want to say cling but I can't think of a better word right now) cling to each other when they see each other. The fear is that if they are in the same classroom, they will isolate themselves from the other kids.

So I kind of agreed to keep them separated for kindergarten. But let me tell you, if there are any incidents, (BAM) they will be in the same classroom. The Triplet Protection Program is real and will be placed into service.

After school and lunch, Grammy and I brought the girls shopping so that Rich could finish up some school work. Our first stop was to let the girls pick out a prize. I told them that the sleep fairy was going on vacation and that this prize needed to last for a long time. They haven't really flipped out about that yet.

Out next stop was Jo-Ann because someday (perhaps when pigs fly) I'll be able to really get back into sewing again and I am trying to stock on supplies. The girls for the most part are okay in stores. It is just hard for me to look at much because I have to keep my eyes on them and I can't really concentrate.

Their favorite thing to do while shopping is ask me if I need this or that. They are usually pretty good about not pulling stuff off of shelves. They mainly touch. So anyway, I was trying to look at the trim and ribbon and Em asked if we could get this pink pom-pom trim.


I hadn't thought of pom-pom trim until she pointed out that roll of it. What a creative little designer! I don't know if Allie was onto anything with the gold lame (pronounced la-may - I can't figure out how to get the little thing above the e) trim that she was looking at but I wasn't buying into it.

And to wrap up this post, the big news in gymnastics is that Allie did a cartwheel! Of course Grammy was in the office when she did it and missed it.

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kdliberty said...

I think being in the same class would be good thing if they had a really good teacher. A good teacher would cure there dependance on each other (probably a security thing) without destroy their sister bond or self confidence. I teach the under 4 se Sabbbath school class at church. When I started (last June) I had 2 sisters (1 turned 2 this week and 1will be 4 in June) that were glued at the hip. I have slowly unglued them without breaking there sister bond and their sense of security is stronger then when I started. They now even have separate friends. If done slowly it is not hard. However, finding a teacher that knows how to do it is hard!

Jessica said...

I am a teacher at an elementary school and I have seen parents put twins together and parents keep twins separated. The kids seemed to do really well in both situations. I am sure it is a hard decision though!

Chantel said...

I know their teachers said they are really clingy to each other, but they haven't seen each other in a few hours...that is why they cling. They are excited to see their sister! If they were in the same classroom, day after day in kinder they will have that security of a sister in the room but are likely to spread out. Plus, it is over a year away. They will start fall of 2012, right? They will grow and mature a lot between now and then. No reason to make a decision NOW on how they act at 4 when 5 and a half will be much different.