Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coloring, crayons, creations and such

A few months ago, I read a blog post (I can't remember where) about the awesomeness of these crayons:


So Rich ordered a set from Amazon. After giving them a test drive for a week, we ordered another set. With three munchkins, there's a lot of coloring going on in our house. These are Melissa & Doug crayons and they are fabulous! Let me tell you why:
  1. They are triangular so they don't roll all over creation.
  2. There is no pesky paper to unroll.
  3. They are dense and do not wear down quickly.
  4. It is very hard to break them. After more than a month of triplet testing, we only have one broken crayon.
  5. They are washable.
  6. They are non-toxic.
And no, this isn't a sponsored post or anything. Sadly, Melissa & Doug have no idea who I am but we do love their products.

The 24 crayon pack will cost you approximately $6 on Amazon. I just looked and this price is comparable to the other popular crayon brand that we have. Those other crayons break so easily and we tried doing the bake the broken crayon thing and my kids didn't really like using them at all.

And now I must display some recent artwork.

Up first is Allie. Do you see how she can write her name now all by herself?!?!


I love how she is getting into the detail of the eyes with pupils and eyelashes. And I think that the ears are supposed to be Mickey ears.




This little guy reminds me of The Scream.


Now this next one was a dual effort of Anna and Em. The orange dude in the middle is Anna's. She pointed out to me that he has a green mouth. I am so glad that Anna has finally caught up and is freely drawing people.


And Anna drew this one by herself (except for that big smile, which she asked me to draw for her). I then found it in my work bag. How sweet was that? I think that big mama in the middle is me and three little ones are the girls.


I hope that black scribble represents the weather we've been having. I checked the 10 day forecast today and we won't be seeing 50 degrees. I must have looked like The Scream when I read that.

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Sarah said...

We have a set of these for our almost-2-year-old twin boys, and I really love them too! Although, we have a few more broken than you do - they like to pitch them onto the floor sometimes - but you're right - they are super durable!

JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

I'm thinking I'll be ordering the Melissa & Doug crayons in the near future as well. Do they even come without the paper that my three year old stinker can not stand to be on???!!! Those people look awesome! I'll have to post some of Paisley's drawings soon...very similar!

Jayme said...

I love the drawings! So cute!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I LOVE the drawings but especially the big black cloud - I love grey skies :)

those crayons are very clever - I will have a look around and see if we get them in South Africa as Amazon doesn't ship here.

Michelle Vanderven said...

OOOOOH how I would LOVE those Crayons... To bad they don't ship to Australia!!! Although we are goin gto Canada in a week but they don't ship there either!!!

Tracy said...

Ok, are you reading my mind or what??? I have art pictures sitting in my camera right now (including Addison writing her name) waiting to be published on the blog... WOW!! Also, never heard about these crayons, but we will be buying them soon!!! Just got Zingo and it's a hit in our home. THANKS for all the product endorsements... keep them coming!! FYI, our kids LOVE the game Uno Moo.

Breenah said...

Those are adorable :D

Nitzalie said...

That's so sweet that you found it in your work bag :) I can't wait for my Peanut to draw me pictures! Your little girls are just too cute and your posts always put a smile on my face:-)