Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ariel and Snow White

Anna just recently started drawing people. She's on her own drawing schedule, which is perfectly fine. I think the pages of the books Grammy assembled were just too small for Anna because when I opened her book, there was one page with big scribbles on it. The remaining pages were blank.

Anna told me that her book was Ariel. She turned to the page with the scribbles and read, "Ariel was lost and she was on a boat. {Pause.} Oh, I didn't make the words." And then she flipped out. We were all sitting on Em's bed reading bedtime stories. Well, for that night, the girls were reading their own stories for everyone.

Allie had read hers first and Anna must have picked up on the fact that Allie had zigzag lines for words and she didn't. She wanted a crayon to finish her book. We tried to distract because it was bedtime and I really didn't need three kids drawing. I needed them in bed. Preferably sleeping.

Anna had calmed down a bit so I placed her book on the little table in her room and told her that she could finish it in the morning. About an hour and a half later, I heard a clink sound, which I thought was the gate at the top of the stairs. No, must be something in the dishwasher. Wait. There it is again. I shuffled over to the stairway to find Anna standing at the gate holding her book. I ran up the stairs, asked her what she was doing and told her that it was the middle of the night.

Immediately, the tears started. "I want to finish my book." Oh, the drama! So I don't have any pictures of Anna's book because it is just scribbles and she keeps changing the story. We'll try it again with a bigger book.

I do have Em's story. She decided to go with Snow White. That first night, she just told me who was in the pictures. Mainly Snow White or The Bad Queen. On one page, she told me the picture was of The Bad Queen and her baby. "She's a bad baby." I didn't remember there being any babies in Snow White.

So tonight, I asked her if we could go through her book again. We have inherited a TON of those Little Golden books, including princess ones. Em went and grabbed the Snow White book and showed me how she made her book look exactly like the Little Golden book.

I have included Em's commentary after each picture. So the commentary is for the picture above it. Why do I feel the need to explain this two different ways?


The Bad Queen.

Snow White watching The Bad Queen drink her cereal. (Notice the two blue circles next to Snow White. See how one has red stripes in it? Em told me that those were Snow White's sleeves.)


Snow White is cleaning up.

The Bad Queen is looking in her mirror. She hung her cape on the mirror.


Snow white is cleaning up.

The Bad Queen is talking to the mirror.


The Bad Queen with The Man.

Snow White with The Old Man. He's holding her dress.


Snow White running through the forest.


Snow White with the animals.

Snow White is cleaning up in the house.


One dwarf.

That's Snow White sleeping on the bed.


Daisy Duck.


Anonymous said...

And Daisy Duck. That was the best part :D

Kari said...

What happened to the best blog link?? I always clicked on it when it was available, as I read many blogs, and feel that yours is by far the best!

Julia said...

This is so cute! And what a great memory and sense of order she has, the story is almost complete there!

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Kari - it is on the side bar. I stopped putting it after every post b/c I didn't want to annoy everyone by always asking for votes. Thank you!