Thursday, March 31, 2011


In 1997, I was out of college and working at one of the "Big 6" public accounting firms. When you are responsible for individual and partnership tax returns, April 1st is kind of a busy day. And you don't miss work because of snow. I was working, on average, 75 hour weeks that tax season.

The parking garage across the street charged approximately $25 for the day. If you worked past 8:00 PM, you could expense your parking. (Basically, one of your clients would be paying for it.) We had some warmish weather the week before and some girls on the floor had been wearing spring suits and open toe shoes.

I don't remember the exact time I left work that night. There were plenty of snowy evenings when I waited until 1:00 AM to drive home. I had work to do and there was usually no one on the roads at that time except for the plows. You had to be careful though because the garage, which was underground, could close due to the storm and you wouldn't be able to get your car out. I know I didn't stick around for too long that night.

I do remember shoveling out and driving to work on April 1st. I didn't see any spring suits or open toe shoes. I did see about two feet of snow.

Fourteen years later and Mother Nature is attempting to fool us again. So on this snowy evening, the last day of March, I ponder life.
  1. I'm old.
  2. I'm glad I don't work in public accounting anymore.
  3. We may never see 80 degrees here again.
Em followed me upstairs tonight when I arrived home from work. When she saw me in my pajamas, she said that she wanted to put her jammies on early. I asked Rich to help her while I carried a basket of laundry downstairs. I guess Em is rebelling against this weather.

This is what I found when I emerged from the laundry room.




Those poses were all her own!


Tracy said...

Such a cutie!!! I'm wishing warm weather your way.

Chantel said...

LOVE HER! Love that top picture and the grin on her face.

I am rebelling too, Emily. Enough is enough. This is our 5th straight month of below average temps and heading into our 6th month of snow. Not. Fun.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was pulling out dresses last night (instead of sleeping) and telling me she wanted it to be summer. Amen kid!

Michelle Vanderven said...

LOL I first looked at those and thought hmm what is wrong with those. And then remembered you guys don't live in Australia and its not 80 degreess there like it is here at the moment!!! Cute tho!

Alice said...

she looks like she's growing! big girl!

Meg said...

Maybe she'll trick Spring into coming sooner! ;)

Wendy said...

haha!! Oh, Em. We got snow pretty much every day this week. It melts off by the end of the day, just to snow again over night. Boo...

Jen said...

Yay for being away from public accounting! DH left it this past year :)

Cute photos as always! Try to stay warm!

James said...

Making the rounds from M&M today. Phenomenal photography!

Danae said...

Stopping by from M&M. Gorgeous pictures, and I love your daughter's poses! So cute!

Polish Twins said...

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