Monday, February 14, 2011

Through the eyes of an almost four year old



Gee, I sure feel bad for those kids who have Ms. Maleficent as their teacher.



When I asked them why they were dragging their chairs (I gave up on having wood floors without scratches a long time ago) across the room and setting them up like that, they responded with, "Mommy, we're getting ready to watch a show."

Meet and Greets

Here are pictures of the Little People visiting Disney and meeting with the characters.




Tea Cup Ride


Okay, when I figured out what they were doing, it absolutely blew my mind. I don't know if I ever would have thought of that on my own.


How creative was that!


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Meet the Brummett's said...

So cute! I love your idea of catching all the little play episodes that are too cute not to capture. That teacup ride was VERY creative too, smart girls!

Jen said...

How fun to see things through their eyes! Love the teacups!

Tracy said...

What an adorable post!!

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness. I always look forward to reading your blog entries (1) I'm a photographer as well (hardly a professional, more of a hobby) (2) I have 2 girls who seem close in age like your girls. It's just funny and amazing to see the creativity in a child's mind. Love the teacups photo. Keep up the good work Sarah.

Jen W said...

The teacup ride is amazingly inventive. Can't wait to take my twins to Disney. It really seems to have made a lasting impression on your girls. Wonderful photos.

Jackie said...

your girls are absolutely creative! they are adorable too. :)

Jan said...

I love these pictures - you captured their imaginative play perfectly. And I love the vibrant colors!

JEN said...

That is priceless :)

Julia said...


K Bear said...

Can you tell us where you got the Disney princess pieces and what it was part of? I'd like to find those for my little girl. Thanks.

rachael said...

You leave in me in wonder & awe.
Currently raising three boys & expecting twin girls in the next six weeks. Bless you!

Amanda said...

How see things through their eyes!!!

Wendy said...

These are so stinking cute... they are so creative. How precious <3

Sarah said...

Thank you!!!

Jen W - they talk about something Disney related everyday. It's almost as if they've been brainwashed. LOL

K Bear - we got those princesses down at Disney in Florida. They are good for younger kids - nothing to choke on. It was a set of 7 or 8 princesses. You might be able to find it online at the Disney store.

Rachael - Congratulations!! Baby girls are sooo much fun. And you'll have 2!

Chantel said...

HOLY creativity!! That IS amazing... the tea cup ride is so ridiculously cute. It gave me chills watching their imagination like that. Having 3 girls the same age the creativity is tripled.

Sara B said...

Your blog always makes me smile. Not only are the girls ADORABLE, but I love hearing what goes on in their little minds. Teacup rides = genius!

Meg said...

Awesome pictures! Teacup ride ~ that's impressive. :)

Tim and Darcy said...

Absolutely LOVE the tea cups!!! So creative :)

Anonymous said...

Just seeing how much fun they have with their Disney memories is awesome! It makes me so excited to take L&M next year. I can't believe the tea cup ride! That is so creative.