Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was that person.

You know. The one who holds up the check-out line.

While the kiddos are nestled all snug in their beds, I thought I would write out a weekend recap. A contemporaneous post. Not my usual style.

Okay, so the weekend started off a bit cruddy. I woke up with the same splitting headache on Saturday morning. Luckily, the girls slept in a bit. Although, I spent my last hour of sleeping with Allie in her bed for "morning snuggles." Rich exuded weekend awesomeness and watched the girls while I went back to bed. I woke up with the same splitting headache again. It finally went away around 5:00 that night.

I hate to complain when I'm not feeling well because I know others who are going through a whole lot worse right now so being sick and a bit run down isn't really that big of a deal. Rich told me that if I wasn't feeling better by Monday that I needed to go to the doctor. Yeah, no thanks.

So Saturday was a staying in/nothing going on sort of day except for the realization that something is definitely not right with my Speedlight. And truth be told, I am nothing, NOTHING without my Speedlight. This all started a few weeks ago and I thought that I simply needed to recharge the rechargeable batteries. And I did. But then I noticed that a few days later, when the batteries should still be fine, the flash wasn't firing strong enough.

I was trying to take some pictures for a post I am working on regarding why you need a Speedlight and ironically enough, mine wasn't working. But then tonight, I just kept firing off picture after picture and it seemed to be working just fine. I still need to upload the photos to find out. Let's hope it is just the batteries because I really don't feel like dropping $300 on a new one.

I had wanted to set up a quick little Valentine's Day photo shoot with the girls and Rich this weekend. I'll have to try it next weekend. If my Speedlight is still with me. Rich picked up a new set of rechargeable batteries for me tonight and they are charging up as I write this.

So we were trucking along fine and dandy this morning, except for the fact that we were all awake before 7:00. And then Em po.oped. Em was sick all day Wednesday and basically cleaned out her system, if you know what I mean. Grammy can neither confirm nor deny but we believe that she hadn't gone to the bathroom since. So she po.oped this morning and it was solid white. I had never seen such a thing in my life.

I was completely freaked out and poor Em kept asking why her po.op looked that way. (And I'm spelling it po.op to hopefully avoid being the result of a google search.) I did what you should never do. I googled it. Rich told me to stop when I read LIVER PROBLEMS.

See, what you have to understand about me (and some of you know this) is that I unfortunately walk around thinking that something bad is going to happen. And I do that not to be pessimistic but to hopefully stop that bad from happening. What I wasn't able to do with Abbey.

Luckily Em's pediatrician was in the office this morning. I had also read that it could be from infection. He confirmed that it could be some sort of illness/infection working its way through her and that he wasn't going to get nervous unless it was still happening on Tuesday. And then she would need to have blood work done.

I packed up Allie after lunch and drove to the outlet mall mainly to buy shampoo and conditioner. I had a coupon for The Children's Place burning a hole in my pocket so Allie and I stopped in there first. I should probably write up how the sleep bribing is going. That was my main reason for that little shopping excursion. The girls had looked through a flyer I had received in the mail and had asked for sunglasses and little carrying cases. While they were on sale (the sunglasses, anyway) and I had a coupon, I wanted to buy them. Those will be next week's "prize/surprise."

Allie and I ended up picking up a few spring outfits. Once warmer weather hits, I need to go through their closet again and get rid of all the smaller stuff. I have learned my lesson too and will only buy actual outfits now. For months now, I haven't really bought them any clothes aside from a few outfits in size 4. I was kind of in one of those "will it really impact our finances that much if I buy these clothes" sort of mood so I bought them.

As the cashier was ringing up our stuff at TCP, I looked over and saw a 99 cents rack full of little notebooks and stickers. The girls' birthday party is coming up and I need stuff for favors so I ran over and grabbed almost all of the little notebooks, which were originally priced at $4.95!, and a ton of the stickers. That was a great find because I had no idea what I was going to do for favors. I had mentioned making ribbon barrettes to Rich and he rolled his eyes at me.

It took the cashier FOREVER to ring up everything because she had to do it one at a time. Allie kept asking if we could go. Other customers seemed a bit huffy and one woman loudly asked her friend if she wanted the last cupcake notebook. Didn't bother me one bit. I got my goods. Plus they opened other registers, people.

A few hours after we arrived home, Rich informed me that Em had po.oped again. What? Didn't he know that he should have sent me an emergency text! This time it was half white and half brown. I'm hoping that that was the end of it and that I never have to see it again. Ever.

I did take some adorable pictures of the girls this afternoon while trying to figure out what was going on with my Speedlight. TBP. (To be posted. Later.)

I'm so tired that this post did not come out at all like I had planned it to.

I'll sign off with some pictures of sweet, little Anna.



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Jen W said...

I am sort of just getting the hang of the speed light and have lots of learning to do. However I noticed problems with it when I used rechargeable batteries. It's almost like they are fine for power over time but not powerful enough for bursts. If that makes sense. I tried a couple different kinds that all work fine in other stuff at home. I ended up just buying the big bulk pack of AA from Costco of the non-rechargeable throw-away kind. It's not my preference but I feel like they are more reliable in the flash. Just my two cents. Maybe you'll hae better luck with the new ones.

Chantel said...

Cole had the white po.op once and it was SO freaky. I googled. And I freaked.

I get why you feel the way you do. Both of my kids have eye issues and of course I read all kinds of scary things about how it could be brain tumors and stuff...nope, they simply have horrible eyes.

Hope's Mama said...

Another mum who is always looking over her shoulder to see if the bad guy is lurking. When you get blindsided by that bad guy and he steals what is most dear to you, you can't help but be this way. Shame we lost not only our babies, but our innocence.
Hoping Em is ok.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I feel absolutely no guilt for hogging the checkout counter. I figure, I've waited enough times in my life and so it is - we all are in that situation and it's good for character-building, right? :)

On another note, I love the colour of your walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JEN said...

One white Poop is not a big deal. Consistently white poop is a sign of malabsorption (ie: Celiac, etc).

I love a good deal - *Kudos to you!

mb1042 said...

A lefty, love it, three of my kids are left handed.