Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belle's castle and bribing

Yes, I am still bribing my children to sleep in their beds for the entire night and to fall asleep without me sitting with them. I had purchased some items months before Christmas for Christmas gifts but when I started wrapping presents, I felt like there was more than enough so I shoved those items back under my bed (my hiding spot) for another day.

So for the past two weeks, gifts have included piggy banks (for Anna and Em because there was already one in Allie's room), a Donald Duck plushy, a mini Tinkerbell with some outfits and items from another Belle set.

Of all the princesses, Belle is their favorite. We now have three of these Belle dolls and a variety of outfits. Of course, there is arguing over who gets which Belle. "I want the one with the long hair." We have two Chips and two Mrs. Potts. Of course, there is arguing over who should play with them and which ones. Because they are slightly different. Of course.

I have three brothers so I did have to share but for the most part, my toys were my toys. I know that it must be difficult to have to share almost all of your toys with two sisters but I don't want to end up with duplicate or triplicate of everything. That seems like an indulgent waste to me.

I am finding that allowing the girls to pick their weekly prize/surprise is more effective than me giving them a few small items that have to be shared. Rich wanted to start weaning them off of the weekly gift thing but based upon how the past two weeks have gone, I think it is too early. And if I have to spend $30 a week to get some sleep, it is so worth it to me. I have to work so I don't mind spending a miniscule portion of my earnings on sleep.

Em is still the biggest offender. Almost every night, I wake up to the sound of her running into my bedroom. Some nights it only happens once. Some nights it doesn't happen at all. Some nights it happens three times. I always pick her up and hug her while I carry her back to her room. I tell her that she is doing a great job and only has a few more hours left of sleep before she can come cuddle with me. Sometimes I have to remind her that she can't have a prize at the end of the week if I have to sleep in her bed.

Last weekend, the girls moved a bunch of furniture from their "family dollhouse" to the kitchen table and pretended that it was Belle's castle.








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Stacy said...

Belle is the favorite at our house, too. Although some of the other princesses have been getting some face time lately. Last September Meghan told everyone that I was going to make her a Belle cake for her birthday. Eek! I watched lots of videos online trying to figure out how to make her one and it was actually quite easy! Jack's firetruck was actually harder.

We are doing prizes here and there for various things, too. You might try the dollar store if you have one. They have lots of Disney stuff. Yeah - it's not as great, but it's a dollar! We have gotten a princess ribbon dancer, jump rope, kaleidescope, puzzles, books, coloring books, etc. Just a thought.

Love your pics! Can I email you more about what lenses you use?

Jan said...

OK, I just want to go to your house and play with those teeny toys!

Katie said...

It may seem unfair to singleton kiddos to have to share toys, but to multiples, that's just sorta the way it is. I didn't have my kids together when they were that little - they are both 15 now and stepbrothers, but they share sooo much and don't mind at all. They never really have minded. The way they see it - if they each get a gift that the other likes, then it's just a bonus.

Your girls are absolutely beautiful! And I agree with Jan - those teeny toys make me wanna come over and play.

You and Rich are awesome parents and I admire you guys for the way you go about making decisions. Your kids are as blessed with you guys as you are with them. Beautiful family!

Sarah said...

Stacy - I will have to check out the $ store. I didn't realize that they had Disney stuff there. And yes, you can email me about lenses. Warning - I am slow in returning email. I should just do a post about what I use!

Thank you Jan and Katie! We have a TON of teeny toys here.

Chantel said...

We are doing a sticker chart to get Claudia to not holler and scream in her bed at night time. She loves to get us up there a zillion times. I am no where near ready to wean her off the chart and the prizes. It is worth not having to be in her room a million times between 7:30 and 10pm each night. I have started to add more days she needs stickers...first it was 3, then 5, and now we are up to 8.

Erika said...

Ok, I have to know where you got that teeny tiny kitchen set??? Is it Little People??:)

Erika said...

Never mind, I found it:) Loving Family. Too cute!