Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The one where I'm a Disney Photo Pass Photographer

The girls are still talking about our Disney vacation. They discuss the princesses and the characters and ask when we are going back. All. The. Time. We often have to flip through their Disney guidebook at bedtime and review who we met, who we didn't meet, why we didn't meet them, if we will meet them the next time we are there, what rides we went on, what rides we didn't go on and why we didn't go on those rides. They seriously love Disney.

One of their recent imagination play sessions is to pretend that they are on a Disney vacation. They dress up in princess dresses and push their babies around in strollers to meet all of the characters. Sometimes one of the girls will pretend to be the princess who meets and greets the park visitors.

Here is Cinderella (aka Emily) signing Allie's autograph book.



Now they are posing for the Photo Pass Photographer.



And now Belle (aka Allie) is autographing Anna's book.


Oh no, there's a line to meet Belle.




I just adore their imagination and creativity. They actually set up their hotel rooms in the family room and made sure that their babies had a nap. Then they went and placed little Disney figurines around the house and walked their babies around to meet everyone.

I do want to make a note about those princess dresses. They are real Disney dresses that I found online on clearance. I was also able to use a coupon so they ended up costing less than $10 each. The serged hem on two of them has already ripped off and my kids are not really all that rough with clothes.

I kind of stumbled upon some home sewn princess dresses online and then I started scouring the internet for more and (GAH!) I can't believe all of the possibilities. Why hadn't I thought of this before? Well, I had but I'm just a tad bit busy these days. I have to sew the curtains for the girls' playroom - the fabric is cut and ready to go - and then I need to clean up my act and make time for fun creative projects. I purchased stuff last year to make hair stuff for the girls and I still haven't found time for that either. In my defense, three year olds and hot glue guns don't exactly mix.

So let's set the bar high - a yellow Belle dress, a blue Cinderella gown, a pink Cinderella gown that the step sisters tore apart, Belle's everyday blue dress, a princess Aurora gown, Minnie Mouse dresses. The projects are endless!

AND I thought of a great project for Grammy. Grammy is quite crafty. She taught me to sew and do all things crafty when I was young. [My parents went out and found a (used but in great condition) sewing machine for me for Christmas one year because I kept hogging my mom's machine.] Okay, so Grammy should start a crafty blog. She can write up tutorials for different projects. There ya go, Grammy! Grammy's Closet - I have even named it for you.


Megan said...

Oh my, this is so precious! I love the way they take their roles so seriously:) We leave for Disney in one week...can hardly wait!

Sharon said...

Eeee!! I LOVE this!!! That is darling!! Especially the cue line for Bella and you as the photo pass photographer. I literally snorted as I was laughing when I read your title (especially since I used to be "best friends" with Mickey and am all too familiar with this process...) ;-)

Sharon said...

haha - I love that I typed Bella (my daughter's name) instead of Belle. Habit!!! ;-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

They are ADORABLE but you know what I'm always struck by? How CLEAN your floors are - do you mop a million times a day?

Souza Sisters said...

Great post!! Love this!!

Meg :) said...

LOL ~ I often play "The One where I'm BOTH their teachers from school". Very cute pictures of playtime! My girls are just now getting into the pretending part of playtime. It'so cute to see what they come up with! :)

Sarah, I have found all these crafty blogs (through Trendy Treehouse's Monday Linkup) ~ and my project list grew by nearly 50 in the last few months! You should check it out! I'm constantly saying "GAH, I could make these!!". Haha :)

Meg :) said...

Hey, one more thing. Have you ever sewn clothes for the girls? Other than the tutus you made? Purely curious. :)

Amanda Flea said...

Oh my gosh, I love this! What cutie pies!

Cindy said...

these last two posts of your girls are seriously the cutest I've ever seen.

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone!

Marcia - I actually have someone come every other week and they mop. We do damage control in between.

Meg - I haven't made any clothes yet for the girls.

Helen said...

Those pictures totally made me smile! The cuteness is amazing :)