Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Parade

You all need to tell me if this is a regional thing or not. We attend about three local parades a year and at all of them, the parade participants throw candy out to the parade viewers. And I'm not talking about a few pieces here and there. Kids bring bags and collect a fair amount of sugar.

Thankfully, the girls really aren't that interested in eating candy. They only seem to like M&Ms and chocolate. For this holiday parade, the girls liked collecting candy. They didn't really eat any.

Growing up, I don't remember massive amounts of candy being thrown around. Do all parades do this now?

Before heading up to the parade, the girls posed for some pictures in front of the door. The usual spot. I wanted to snap off some picture because they looked so cute in their hats.


We have a cabinet in the front hall (attached to the wall for safety, I would like to add) with a glass door. The girls frequently use this as their mirror. After Allie put her hat on, she looked at herself in the the mirror. Anna did the same. Em was in the other room and did not. That is why Anna is crying. Because Em did not look in the mirror.




sig pic

It was a bit chilly. If you can't tell.


Em styling with pink fuzzy boots.





Emily and Anna. Poor Anna. Her hat kept sliding down over her eyes.



When's Santa coming?


I used my 85mm lens (Nikon 85mm f/1.8) for all of the parade pictures. I wanted some updated portraits of the girls and because they were in a bit of a state of shock combined with complete interest in the parade, I took the opportunity to fire off a ton of portraits. I'll post those soon.


Colleen said...

"That is why Anna is crying. Because Em did not look in the mirror." Ha! This sounds exactly like my son! He throws fits over stuff like this all the time, lol. They look adorable in their winter gear.

Wendy said...

The set of Anna crying is both adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. I just want to hug her <3 They look precious in their hats!

Tracey's Life said...

Your girls are so adorable, even when crying.

All of our parades throw candy too! (NJ)

Anonymous said...

I live in Tampa Bay, Florida area and every parade we have throws candy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have never been to a parade where they throw candy and I have lived all over the US! I am missing out big-time.
Your girls are really beautiful, I just have to say. Such animation and expression on their faces, it must be such a joy to photograph them.
PS my girls had those ON turtleneck dresses last year, adorable!

Anonymous said...

The parade pics are lovely! Congrats on your Multiples and More win - soooo well deserved! Keep shooting, plz...
Kym @ Twinsideout

Cindy said...

Routine and following it exactly the same EVERY time is essential to our little pumpkins, isn't it! I've seen tears over some pretty silly stuff. This seems to be pretty universal - you captured it beautifully.

I like that you take & post the happy pics that are stunningly beautiful, and the natural, realistic pictures that are stunning as well but show real life, tears and all. We were taking photos for our Christmas calendar this weekend and my husband was getting so frustrated because our 3 girls wouldn't pose for a second. I kept telling him that sometimes the best pictures are the real ones, where not everyone looks perfect but everyone is so them. He remained frustrated and a bit pissy with me to boot for even saying that :) But when we looked at the shots later, there was one of my 3 girls that was so perfect in capturing their personalities even though it was far from perfect in composition. Made me think of things you'd said about your work.

Congrats on the award over at Multiples & More! Well deserved!!!!!

Melissa said...

Love the purple purse in the picture, or is it your camera bag??