Thursday, October 7, 2010

On a lighter note...

Years and years from now, I most likely won't remember how difficult the sleeping stuff was. If I think back to three years ago, I can remember generally what it was like but if you aren't living in the moment, it is completely different. You gloss over it a bit.

That being said (and given the fact that I slept in Em's toddler bed (aka crib without a side) this morning), I thought I would note some funny comments that the girls made this weekend with respect to the sleeping issues.

Now if you have seen any videos of the girls, you know that they have these sweet, little voices. Anna, at some point, created this deep, evil sounding voice. And she uses it at just the right moment, which I find completely hysterical each and every time she does it.

On Sunday morning, we were watching Sprout On Demand. There was a commercial for Toy Story Legos so the girls asked if we could get some. I responded with, "Well, see that writing there. It says that those are for big kids who sleep in the beds at night and don't cry when they go to sleep." Anna looked up at the television and in her evil voice said, "No. For bad kids only."

When one of the girls (99% of the time it is Em) sneaks into our bed at night, Rich usually goes down to sleep on one of the couches. Having two three year olds in the bed with me can be a bit frustrating so I've been trying to convince the girls that one of them needs to go downstairs with Daddy to sleep on their own couch!

In the middle of the night, they absolutely refuse. No. Mommy. Mommy. MOMMY. Sunday night before bedtime, Rich brought this up again with the girls. Emily, my dear sweet baby chick, said, "Sure, Daddy. I'll go with you. I don't want to sleep with Mommy. She has stinky breath." I love you too, Em. I love you too.


Cindy said...

This sounds a lot like my house - great one-liners and evil voice too. The things our children come up with provide for great laughter - and sometimes a bit of a complex :)

Anonymous said...

Anna's comment made me lol!! I can totally hear her saying it!