Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have I introduced you

to Elmo's Daddy?


Not only does he live with us but it appears that he is taking an extremely long nap (think hibernation) next to my bed.

In an act of thinking outside the box, I placed the cushions to the love seat that resides in my bedroom on the floor next to the bed in order to create a bed for Anna one night. Em and Allie were already crowding the bed and I needed some sleep. It worked that night. Although, Anna rolled under the bed and I found her sleeping with just her head on the cushions.

Allie placed Elmo's daddy there and has made it clear that I am not to disturb him. I made the mistake of grabbing that pillow in the middle of the night to use. Allie, who was in MY bed at the time of the incident, cried out, "No. That-is-his. Put-it-back. Put-it-back." Well excuse me for wanting to sleep! With a pillow!! I find it interesting that she is allowing him to use her beloved purple blankie. She means business.

Elmo's mommy is also kicking around here somewhere. The other day Allie asked me if I would get her (aka buy or purchase) a little Elmo. When I asked her why, she responded with, "Elmo needs a little brother."


Tracey's Life said...

that made me laugh out loud! Kids say the cutest things and yours are simply priceless!

Jen said...

Please don't ever stop with the Elmo posts! They make my day, lol!