Thursday, October 21, 2010

Max & Ruby and God

My girls watch television. That's just how it is. We do limit how much they watch and usually ignore the first 50 or so requests. We have found that sometimes they become so involved in playing that they forget that they have asked to watch something. I also monitor what they watch and try to limit the shows to those that are educational or have some type of message.

I'm admitting that I don't know much about Max & Ruby aside from some grumbling from parents on the internet who don't like them. We have two Max & Ruby books that were acquired via Freecycle and what I do know is that I'm not a fan of these books. Here's a line from one of them: "Max hated his new suit." Seriously? This author is using the word hate in a book for young children. My babies may know how to operate the DVD player but they sure as day aren't going to be saying the word hate.


Grammy usually brings the girls to the library once a week for an outing where they check out books and "bideos." (Allie is working on her b/v pronounciation.) I sort of gasped last week when I came home to discover that they had checked out a Max & Ruby DVD. Grammy had no idea that I was semi-anti Max & Ruby. I explained my position and reasoning to her and she agreed. And redirected when the girls attempted to check out another Max & Ruby DVD this week.

I did catch some of that DVD as it was the only one that the girls requested to watch last week and I really didn't understand the theme of the shows. They didn't really seem to have a point. Max doesn't speak. Is he supposed to be a baby? Does he have a special need which causes him to be nonverbal? I don't quite understand. And we don't do bossy in our house so see ya, Ruby.


Saturday morning while Rich and Em ran errands, I witnessed Allie and Anna playing Max & Ruby. Allie was Ruby. Anna was Max. Recreating the show consisted of Allie saying," No Max, do this. No Max, do that," while Anna ran around and made noises. I kept saying, "Anna, you know how to talk. Please use your words."


And then finally, Allie decided to read some books to Anna, which is what they do when they play school. I should note that Allie is always the one to read to her sisters. She flips through books and makes up the words based upon the pictures.

Here was Allie's version of this particular book:

I really, really, really, really love God.
I love God.
I really, really, really, really love God.
God helped my sight.
God is good.
I really, really, really, really love God.

I want to know where Max and Ruby's parents are.


Kristen said...

I want to know where Max and Ruby's parents are too! I don't care for them OR for Calliou--he's whiny and obnoxious if you ask me.

Stef said...

did you know all the characters on Calliou are voiced by the same (one) woman? & I agree he does have a whiny undertone to his voice.
On max & ruby...they bother me to NO END...who creates shows like this knowing children will be watching the bossy & controlling older sister bunny who is allowed ot do so under no parental supervision seen to date?
I always change words in the stories if I see "fit" to. :)

JEN said...

This is good to know. I don't care for Calliou or Kipper (we watch a lot of Sprout here), but we do Sesame Street and SuperWhy. SuperWhy is too old for her, but she asks for it constantly.

Melissa said...

max and ruby.. I don't get it either.. I have seen the grandmother but never the parents and max was allowed to walk to the grocey store all by himself in a show I seen.. umm I don't get what age they are..

not one of the shows we watch in our house.

Cindy said...

Max & Ruby is one show I try to avoid at all costs. Can't stand it for all the reasons everyone else mentioned. My oldest likes it and her sisters saw it once and latched on. After a week or two of me changing the channel or shutting it off EVERY TIME, they don't even ask for it anymore. Calliou is the new rage for the little ones. Every day, Calliou! Calliou!

Kelli said...

I tried to avoid Max and Ruby in our house as well.

I too would like to know where their parents are. If Grandma is part of the show, why don't they live with her?

Sharon said...

Max & Ruby is the worst...but for some reason, kids love it. Thank goodness Lil does not like it anymore! We got her interested in most of the shows on PBS Kids, and they are educational. Personal faves are Curious George, Wordworld, and Clifford.

Your girls get more beautiful every day!

Amanda said...

I would love to know where Max and Ruby's Parents are too..they go to Grandma's house I think, or Grandma comes over, but where is Mom and Dad, I love the conversation about God that was too cute!

Berg said...

It drives me crazy when the word "stupid" is used in childrens' books because all of my 2nd graders consider that the "S" word.