Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I suppose that would have been mean.

So the girls experienced their first ever school pictures this week! We had a choice between five different poses and five different backgrounds. I should note that all of the backgrounds looked like they were left over from 1987 but I'm new to this school photo business so what do I know. Right?

There was an adorable pose where the kid had her arms crossed. I originally thought about picking that one for the girls but didn't know how it would go over. Do you know how hard it is to get a three year old to cooperate? When Grammy imitated the pose and asked Em if she could do the same, Em just stared at her. She actually looked like she was going to start crying so I dropped the idea. I'm imaging the scene now with the photographer.

When I told the girls that they would be having their pictures taken at school, they seemed a bit skeptical. Think about all the photography that they deal with at home. Allie kind of freaked out the morning of when I mentioned it again so I quickly ended that conversation. Redirect. Redirect.

I'm not too confident that these will be great photos of the girls so we ordered the cheapest package possible. AND as a bonus because we have more than three children in the same school district having photos taken, we received 50% off Em's package. That's a savings of $6.50. (I am being sarcastic. But at least they offer a family plan for those of us with a billion kids.)

Seeing as I'm new to this whole school photo business, I do have to say that I was really surprised that they didn't offer the photo on CD as one of the packages. It is 2010! How many people share photos via email or Facebook? The most expensive package was $53. I bet if they offered just the photo on CD for $45, their overall sales would increase. (I do have to add that as a photograper (and I use that term lightly as I am not a professional) I understand the practice of not offering professional photographs on CD. Photographers make money on prints and lose quality control when photos are offered on CDs.) But it is 2010! People are just going to scan those suckers onto their computers.


Jennifer said...

Depending on the company (I'm guessing it is Lifetouch, as they control almost everything) it depends what options the school wants to be offered. I noticed that our school just started offering CDs as an option for the first time this year.....maybe next time! Hopefully you will be surprised with the pictures!

Colleen said...

I totally agree with you, and I was shocked and really annoyed with Pictue People that they didn't allow me to share photos online--they blocked them from being copied. (I figured out how to do it anyway.) I wrote an email to PP saying I understand why you do that but at the same time, word of mouth on facebook is priceless! Anyway, apparently I'm still upset about it. :)

Shannon said...

OMG- you should check out my blog post from our school pictures (I think its within the last two weeks)... major fail...

My daughter loved it- my son, not so much. Yikes!

Cindy said...

Yes, I am guilty of that - I order the smallest package then scan it. The company at my daughter's school did offer the cd this year, but it was only if you ordered the most expensive package (around $60.00) and then the cd was $30 on top of that. Not gonna happen.

It's surprising to get a really great school photo though we have lucked out a few times. You may be happily surprised when they come back.

I am not looking forward to multiple orders once the little ones are in school too. That is going to be expensive. Oh, wait - I forgot they do give that awesome discount, yeah right.

Sarah said...

Jennifer & Cindy - thanks for letting me know that sometimes the CDs are offered. Interesting.

And Shannon - awesome pictures!!