Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The List

Things I never thought (before I had kids) that I would do or have to do (after I had kids.)
  1. Sleep in a toddler bed. (And by toddler bed, I am referring to a crib with one side removed. Hard. or should I say extremely firm, mattress included.)

  2. Allow my kids to eat chocolate Pop-Tarts while lounging on the couch watching television.

  3. Allow my kids to watch television.

  4. Leave the house with soaking wet, uncombed hair.

  5. Dry my hair with a space heater at work.

  6. Sleep on a makeshift bed of couch cushions placed on the floor.

  7. Sleep sideways in a queen size bed with three three year olds.

  8. Sneak a snack in the bathroom.

  9. Crawl across the floor in an attempt to sneak out of a bedroom in the middle of the night.

  10. Eat a meal while holding a baby. (Sorry about that chicken parm incident, Anna.)

  11. Sleep with an infant in the bed with me.

  12. Carry half of my body weight in the form of two toddlers.


Julia said...

hahahaha, so true! Except for the chocolate part (they are allergic), I relate!

Hope's Mama said...

Can so relate! Just not on the three babies part! Everything changes once they arrive, that's for sure.

Mamma Sol said...

Oh, I know! I think you just may have inspired me to do a similar post. My list will be looooong...

JEN said...

I thought my child would never watch television either. I thought wrong.

Cindy said...

I second EVERY item on your list!
When I had my first girl our favorite thing to tell friends/family was, "this is a child not a pinata - do NOT stuff her with candy!" And no TV. Well, she is 6 and her sisters are 2 and our reality has changed a bit. I have done everything on your list and then some. It makes me laugh - who did I think I was? We have stuck to the important points but have let go of our sillier insistence. Who doesn't like pop-tarts while watching tv?

Polyvorina said...

Well, I don't have kids yet but I've done numbers 4, 5 and 8 (don't ask, lol). Does that mean I'm a little better prepared than most?! ;) I kid of course. Nothing could prepare you I'm sure. This blog is so fun to read though and this post, like most others, was highly amusing.

Jen said...

I love this list! It has so much love :)