Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What my mornings look like


I know. I know. Your first reaction is to "ooooh" and "aaaah." Yes, they really are adorable.


Take note that they are sleeping on my pillow on my side of the bed. And Elmo quickly took over the 18 inches or so of bed space allotted to me immediately after I rolled out of bed to take a shower.

Note that Em has her hands in Allie's hair and Allie's arm is flung across Em.


Em has lovingly ripped out some of my hair in the middle of the night doing this to me.

And I'll throw this little story in here:

Rich called me into the family room the other day as he was reading a book to Allie. There was a picture of two girls in bunk beds and Allie was saying, "Me and Em want to get these. Can we get these beds?" I asked her if Anna could sleep with her and she replied with, "Probably she can sleep with Em." She finally agreed that Anna could have her own bed in the room with them.

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JenM said...

As always, they are adorable! I would love to get pictures of mine sleeping, but I am afraid they would wake up as soon as I opened the door to the nursery. I love sleeping baby photos!