Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playroom progress with some cute pictures

We've made considerable progress on transforming the dining room into a playroom for the girls.


The dining room furniture was moved into the family room (moving the hutch was a ton of fun) and then the piano and toys were moved into the playroom. We had an electrician here this week repairing the damage to the furnace from the lightning in addition to moving the television in the family room. It is now wall mounted and all wires and cables are hidden.


It did take the girls about a week or so to really get used to the idea of a playroom. They kept bringing toys back into the family room to play with. Having a playroom has decreased the amount of television viewing as well, which is always a positive.


We still have a bit more work to do in both rooms. I need to select pictures to hang on the walls and have those printed. I recently purchased this fabric and need to find some time to sew up curtains for the playroom.

Before and after pictures hopefully soon(ish.)


caileighyoung said...

oh my gosh, I love the bangs !
well, at least that's what I think the girl with the cowboy hat is rocking. Either way, her hair looks amazing !

JEN said...

Their hair is getting so long! I wish my child had hair. :)

Love the fabric...

Colleen said...

Cute pics and I love how it's coming together. That fabric is adorable!

Twins' proud godmother said...

So cute ! I love the one with Anna and Em(?)

karolina said...

Very nice triplets;]
Greetings from Polish cordially!We Hope that you will visit our blog and add any comments:).