Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elmo, meet your long lost twin.


Elmo joined our family on Christmas Day 2008. Allie immediately became very possessive of him and wouldn't allow her sisters to play with him. One day, Grammy adopted another Elmo from Target so that Anna could have one as well. Elmo's twin ended up in the basement during a toy rotation and I think we kept him there as "back-up" Elmo in case Allie's Elmo was lost. As you can see, I think she would figure out that he's not her Elmo.

A few weeks ago, Rich found "back-up" Elmo as he was rotating toys and placed him the family room to see what Allie's reaction would be. I really thought she would be mad and growl, "That's not my Elmo. Get him out of here." But no, her reaction was quite the opposite.


He is now called Elmo's twin. I tried to name him Omle but she immediately shot that down. She refers to both Elmo and his twin as her buddies. She is such a cute little mommy.

Elmo and his twin have enjoyed grocery shopping with their mommy. (Check out the shopping list in the cart with them.)


And napping in the great outdoors.


I haven't been able to take a picture of it yet but Elmo's twin is now sporting a huge princess sticker on his tummy.

Welcome home, Elmo's twin!


B said...

And if you need an backup to the backup, I think I have one to donate to the cause.

Tracey's Life said...

Your girls are simply GORGEOUS!!! Your posts always make me smile - thank you!

Jen said...

Seriously, the Elmo pics never get old. They make me laugh out loud every time I read your posts and see the pictures. So cute!

mrsgingergrl said...

This totally totally cracked me up and really she could not be any cuter.

And I think to me, he will always be Omle. LOL

Meg said...

I think this is the funniest post I've ever read here!!! Just adorable! :)

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Elmo definitely looks well loved! :)

Leah Robbins said...

Hahaha, the Elmo posts crack me up!! Love them! And, I love all your pictures. Great work!