Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation Day One - Sunday (Part I)

At the end of last week, Rich checked the weather forecast for NH and reported back to me several times that the temperature was expected to be in the 70's with a chance of some showers. As I was packing the girls' clothes on Friday night, I pulled up Glen, NH on and read the same forecast.

Sunday - 72 - scattered showers.

Monday - 74 - scattered thunder and showers.

We woke up to rain at our house on Sunday morning. Not just overcast and showers. Rain. Because we had spent a good portion of Saturday afternoon at a get together, I needed to quickly finish packing as we wanted to leave our house by 9:30. It is about a 3 to 4 hour drive to Glen, NH without traffic. Or multiple stops.

The girls were wearing comfortable sundresses and I had mainly packed summer clothes and a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt for each. At the last minute, I threw three sweaters into their bag. I had packed jeans for myself but left the fleece behind. It's August! How cold could it be? Plus, I checked the forecast.

Tip #1 - Never trust the forecast.

As we started our drive (at 9:30), Grammy informed me that she had watched the forecast that morning and that rain was forecasted for the day (Massachusetts.) Rich told me that southern New England was going to get hit with the rain. Now, not only had I checked Friday night but I had watched The Weather Channel around noon on Saturday and there was no mention of RAIN. Scattered showers and RAIN are completely different.

We hit a little bit of traffic outside of Boston and then had to stop before we reached New Hampshire to cath Anna. We made one more potty stop in New Hampshire. The girls weren't the greatest but not the worst. Emily was acting sickly at first so Grammy covered her up with a receiving blanket in case she puked. I think she was just tired. Anna was exhausted and instead of sleeping would just cry and cry and cry.

Rich's brother had given him a portable DVD player so Rich set that up while I drove. Grammy ended up having to hold it in order for all three girls to be able to see. Not the best set-up and improvements will have to be made before we embark on any other car trips.

Tip #2 - Ensure that all DVD players and screens work and can be attached to the back of a seat. Easily. And bring new DVDs. Lots of them. (The library is great for this.)

It was past the girls' lunchtime so we stopped for lunch in North Conway, which is just south of Glen. I had to take pictures of the crown cuteness.

I was testing to see if my Speedlight would work here, which is why their legs are cut off.


Emily and Anna.


The whole crew.


So it rained on and off as we drove up through New Hampshire. It wasn't pouring. Mainly showers. But almost constant showers. There was one point after we had been in NH for a bit when the sky did appear to be getting brighter and I thought that we would just drive out of the rain. No such luck.

After our lunch stop, we finally arrived at my brother-in-law's chalet just after 2:00. I wanted to take pictures of the house but it was so dark inside and outside, the weather was just miserable.


Check out the temperature.


There was a little bit of a discussion on what we should do. We had planned to go to Story Land from 3:00 until 6:00, which is when they closed for the day, but we hadn't planned for the rain or the cooler temperatures at all. Since it wasn't pouring, we changed the girls into the warmest clothes I had packed (jeans, short-sleeve tee shirts and sweaters) and off we went to Story Land.


Story Land

Story Land is a nursery rhyme inspired theme/amusement park that has been in existence since the 1950's. There are a ton of displays to see and explore in addition to the rides.


$26.99 - Ages 3 and up.

I researched this on the internet and discovered that usually there are no coupons or discounts. If you stay at a hotel, you may be able to get a package deal with tickets included. There are other discounts offered here and there as well. Just don't expect to find a $5 off admission coupon anywhere.

There is one "deal" that many visitors take advantage of. If you purchase tickets during the last three hours of the day, you can use those tickets again for another full day. Now, the website says "for the next day" but our tickets had an expiration date of 10/11/2010 on them. Your last name is printed on those tickets and they do check IDs when you return so if you are thinking about selling them or giving them to someone else, think again.


There are a ton of rides at Story Land. If you are under 48 inches tall, you must have a responsible adult with you on the ride. On all the rides. There are also a handful of rides where you have to be taller than 36 inches to ride. Period.

So what this means is that there are no "kiddie" rides that you can throw your kids on and stand back and watch. Hope the tea cup ride doesn't make you dizzy!

What we did!

Although it continued to spit rain here and there, we headed over to Story Land, which was only a five minute drive from my brother-in-law's house. We actually had to wait in a little bit of a line to get into the park as it was after 3:00 and other families were taking advantage of the freebie afternoon.

Tip #3 - If you plan to be at the park for the day, the front of the park will be busy in the late afternoon with all those folks entering the park three hours before closing time.

~To be continued~

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