Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our First Family Vacation!

We arrived home yesterday afternoon from our first family vacation. You didn't even know that we were gone, did ya? I was forewarned that I most likely would not have internet access so I set up some posts to publish in my absence. Thank you, Blogger, for that handy little feature. Not only did I not have internet access, I was too tired to even think about blogging.

So who wants to guess where we went?


Multiple choice:

(a) Disneyland
(b) Rainy Land
(c) Story Land

Scroll on down for the answer...

(Keep going.)

Vacation Summary

Where: Glen, New Hampshire

Why: Story Land and semi-free housing

Who: The usual suspects (including Grammy.)

We had this mini vacation planned months and months and months in advance. Originally, my brother and his family were going to join us but my sister-in-law is pregnant and experiencing some issues and discomfort so it was deemed best that she stay at home, close to her doctor. We offered to bring my five year old niece, Beth, and she was excited to go but at the last minute, it became apparent that being away from her mommy for a few nights might be too much.

My brother-in-law owns a chalet near Story Land and was gracious enough to let us stay there. This really was the ideal situation.

Okay, so I plan to blog about this mini vacation in some detail along with a million photos. It drives me crazy when someone starts a post about a popular vacation spot and then they barely tell you what they did or didn't do or they don't give you the run down of the good, the bad and the ugly. You will feel like you were there with us by the time I am finished. Except for the grumpy moments, of course. (This is all going to take some time so bear with me. It may take a week or so.)

I will end by saying that many lessons were learned and that the girls had an absolute blast. Except when they were hungry. Or wanted juice. Or milk. Or were overtired.

Stay tuned....


Julia said...

Absolutely adorable picture! Vacations rule, even when they tire us to the bone!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of your girls. :) I'm part of an internet message boards for kids born in April 2007 and it's called the Puddle Jumpers! Very cute!!

Cindy said...

I can not wait to hear your rundown. I remember going to Story Land when I was a kid and loving it and thinking it was real (I was 2 or 3 when we went. I am 36 now and understand it was not real). My twins are 2, my older girl is 6. I think it would be the perfect vacation for us all. I've been trying to sell my husband on it and talk myself into an overnight with all 3 girls in a motel. I'll hold off on pushing it until I hear about your experience with 3 kids/multiples there.

Anonymous said...

That picture is adorable! The girls are so cute! I was wondering where you got the adorable raincoats and boots though...