Thursday, August 19, 2010

Race Report: Falmouth

Well, I guess I'm writing a race report for a race I didn't run. I wanted to run it but Falmouth isn't a race you run without training. It's 7.1 miles and there are hills. There can also be heat and humidity. It's not a race you just decide to run. I've been back running for six months now and I'm telling you that it is not easy.

I always laugh when I read articles related to running and sleep. I was just reading one this morning claiming that an extra 20 minutes of sleep a night can improve your running performance. {Insert hsyterical laughter here.} So my plan for now is to continue chugging along while increasing my mileage slowly to avoid injury.

Maybe I'll run Falmouth next year. Maybe I won't. Obtaining a number is not exactly easy.

So the race starts at 10:00, which is the exact time I parked the van on a side street. Grammy was with me, which made walking the girls and our chairs to our viewing area easier. Some members of Rich's family were already set up so we joined them and settled in to watch the elite runners speed by.

Anna and Allie watching the runners.


Anna's eating a chocolate munchkin.


The girls were very well behaved. We were able to see Rich and most of our friends and family run by. Although we were a bit distracted when Auntie P insisted that she saw Chris from The Bachelorette run by.

After the race, we headed to a local restaurant to meet up with everyone and enjoy some lunch.

Here's Em acting cute.


Anna and Em with Rich.


The girls running with Rich.


I love these pictures of the girls. Have no fear, that is milk in the Pepsi cups.




The girls are very shy around boys. And if you are male, then you are a boy. They were discussing which route around tables to take to visit Grandma and cousin Jen. "If we go that way, there is one boy. If we go that way, there are two boys."

And one more picture that I love.


I want to congratulate Rich for beating his time goal of 58 minutes and raising more than $2,500 for the Spina Bifida Association.

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Meg said...

Congrats Rich! Cute pictures!! That's adorable about the walking past boys... Also wanted to add that I was totally voting for Chris from Massachusetts to win Bachelorette. Oh well. :)