Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Outings #3 & #4

On Saturday, we attended Baby Maggie's first birthday party! The girls' cousins Beth and Grace were there as well. I just love Beth and Grace. The girls all play together so well and they are just so sweet.

Here are my girls with Gracie.

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They were still in their "state of shock" phase because of all of the people, which is why they didn't take off running.

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I bought the girls cowboy boots and Anna insisted on wearing hers. The problem is that they are way too big. I'm going to order her a smaller size since she keeps wearing them even though she can barely walk in them.

Beth jumped in for a few pictures. Here's Gracie giving out hugs.

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I just love Anna's mini diva pose.

I was able to take a few portraits of beautiful Beth. I never realize how difficult it is to photography three three year olds until I photograph someone easy. Like Beth. How nice to have someone cooperate for once.

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And I have to include a photo of the little frosting faced cutie who was celebrating her birthday.

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Then the girls raided Grammy's toy stash and started fighting over this camera.

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I think we are in trouble.

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After the party, Anna and I went shopping at Target and the mall. It was really nice having some alone time together. She was so well behaved. I know it's all relative but man, shopping with one was like being on vacation.

Oh, just a heads up for those with little girls. In Target, I picked up these pink sleeveless leotards in the baby/toddler area for $5 each. They were not on sale or anything - that was their regular price. Between gymnastics, dress-up and upcoming ballet lessons, we can always use inexpensive leotards around here.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

OH MY WORD< the pic with the camera is the CUTEST thing ever

*little Sarah* :)

Holly said...

Hey, Thanks for the heads up on leotards. Just saw your blog the other day (sorry I can't remember where). Your girls are adorable. I have two of my own. Nice to "meet" you.

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Nice to meet you too Holly!

MrsKatieH said...

love your blog. We got my son a camera like that at Target for $3.99 :)