Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anna's new haircut (sort of)

I have blogged about how Anna twists her hair into knots. Well, yeah, she's still doing it. And driving me crazy in the process. I have taught her that when she wants to twist her hair, she should hold her hands together instead. When I catch her mid-hair twist, I'll say, "Anna, what should you do with your hands?" She will place them in her lap. That lasts for about four seconds.

It is also noticeable to me that she doesn't have as much hair as her sisters. I'm assuming that the hair knotting has something to do with it.

Well, she had pulled and twisted the hair in front of her head so much that it had broken off into long bangs that fell just past her eyes. Not only were they difficult to keep out of her eyes, but it looked horrible because the hair was all broken and uneven.

I'm not anti-bangs but when the girls' hair started to actually grow in, I decided to not do bangs because they seemed too high maintenance. Especially for three.

I made the executive decision the other night to cut the broken off pieces of hair into bangs. Just for Anna. Emily was kind of funny and said, "No, don't cut her hair. Don't cut bangs."


It's subtle. You can see how wispy her hair is too.


They all have wispy hair so Anna's bangs aren't too much of a difference.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

It looks precious. :)

I wish I had the patience (I guess?) to let our girls' hair grow towards one length, but we're sporting pageboy cuts right now. I think with one child it would be feasible to pull her growing hair into a barrette or ponytail and she would forget about it. At least with our girls, they were forever pulling the barrettes out of each other's hair...I was so scared they would put them into their mouths! I'm dealing with bangs right now, and hoping to be able to grow their hair out when they're a little older. I, too, think that will be the easier route.

Julia Aidar said...

my girls have wispy hair too, but the problem here is that it is soooo curly - they have an African great-grandfather - and it is tangled all of the time. Because it is curly and very fine (that they inherited from me), it takes forever to grow, they are almost 2 and it still has not grown beyond their heads. I am unsure if we will go with boy cuts or let it grow long to make it easier to style.

Mary-Claire said...

I was a hair twister as well (which I did while sucking my thumb- my parents had an awesome time breaking that!). Anyway, maybe instead of having Anna just keep her hand still, give her some crayons and paper, a piece of playdough, duplos to stack, or something along those lines to keep her hands busy but not in her hair! Although the bangs are pretty cute...

Mandy said...

I don't know if this will help, but my 2.5 year old is a hair twister too. What helps us sometimes is if I find a dolly with hair for her to twist. If she's had a rough day I specifically mention, "here's dolly for you and you can pet her hair while you settle down.". It's not perfect, but it's the best I've come up with that's portable and seemingly inoculous. Mind you, we also try to just distract or redirect her - but I need something self soothing for her and so the dolly.

Anjie said...

My daughter has very similar hair and I did bangs by choice but now I'm regretting it. At only 3 years old she's decided she wants to grow her bangs out so now we have to deal with that. Anna looks adorable and I hope this helps with the hair twisting.

Anonymous said...

Neat blog! Beautiful little girls. Fun pictures!
Leah Robbins

Lauren said...

Aww, the bangs look adorable! Go Anna!

Cat said...

She's adorable! I love bangs on little girls. It keeps their hair out of their eyes without a barrette or ponytail, especially when they (or a sibling) pull barrettes out.