Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ah yes, it was quite a busy weekend.

So our wonderful weekend began with Emily puking in the van on Friday evening as we drove out of the city after Anna's Neurology appointment. Poor baby chick was car sick and I am totally blaming it on the doctor's office. Anna's appointment was supposed to be at 2:30.

I signed paperwork at 2:20 and asked "the gatekeeper" if she knew at about what time Anna would be seen. Although this is a pediatric care office, the toy selection was pathetic. There were two play kitchens with no food or accessories whatsoever, a doll house with no dolls or furniture, one book and a teeny, tiny plastic slide/climbing structure. The girls were using the slide until some gigantic kids came along and started jumping over it. The gatekeeper told me 10 minutes.

Well 10 minutes quickly turned into 40 minutes and Rich asked her again. She told him 5 minutes. That was obviously a complete and utter lie used in an attempt to pacify annoyed parents. Anna wasn't see until 3:30. I know for a fact that the neurosurgeon double books appointments so I am assuming that the same procedure takes place here as both offices are in the same hospital. Unfortunately, these doctors see a lot of cancellations and no-shows.

The delay dumped us right into Friday rush hour traffic. Awesome.

Emily was fine once we arrived at home. She was supposed to go home with Grammy to spend the night at the beach house. Although she seemed to be fine, I didn't want to torture her by putting her back in the car so Allie went instead.

Saturday morning, I was up with Anna and Emily at 6:40. Rich slept from 6:40 to 9:30. I went back to bed and slept from 10:00 to 1:00. And then it was time to get ready to attend a cookout/pool party at Rich's brother's house. Grammy and Allie met us there.

Here's another picture I took of Emily with sunglasses on. She's very fashionable and likes to change up her sunglasses based upon her mood.


The girls swam and swam and swam. Here are some of Anna.



There was also some potato chip eating going on. (Anna again.)


And then the girls wanted to run around and play "soccer." Wear. Them. Out. (That's Allie in the net and Anna running.)


Even Elmo had a great time.


And then Sunday morning, Rich ran the Falmouth Road Race. Grammy stayed overnight in order to help me transport the three munchkins down to the Cape to watch their Daddy run. That recap and photos will post tomorrow. Hopefully.


Jen said...

I love when Elmo makes an appearance!

Melissa said...

looks like elmo could of used some pool time too ;O) hehe! love the pool pictures!