Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Laundry Helpers

It's no secret that Allie loves to assist with laundry chores. This past weekend, I delegated the task of moving clothes from the washing machine to the dryer to Allie and Anna. I had to laugh when Anna pulled a clothing item from the washing machine and said, "Eew. It's wet."

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I had originally intended to snap off a few pictures but the girls were being so funny, I kept clicking.

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They insisted on presenting to me every article of clothing in the washing machine. Commentary included "Look! It's my purple dress!" and "Remember when we wore this!"

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For you photographer types out there reading this, I was using my 35mm lens. I would say that our bathroom is average sized but I was backed up against the wall and this is all I could fit into the frame. In case you were wondering.

And here's a little laundry story for you. I should but always forget to check the girls' pockets. Most likely because they hardly put anything in their pockets. I ran a load of laundry Friday night and had to finish drying it Saturday morning. I opened the dryer door and wondered why the clothes smelled of chocolate.

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That is what I found sitting on top of the clothes in the dryer. Thankfully, no chocolate had leaked out. Oh, in case you can't tell what it is - it's a little pack of M&Ms. I had washed some of the girls' jackets and it must have been in one of the pockets. Uneaten M&Ms! Can't figure out how that happened. But I learned my lesson regarding checking pockets.


Crista said...

The first picture almost looks like a mirror image! It kinda tripped me out at first. Nice shot!

Kris said...

My "learning" with Corrie was gum ... ewwwwww Ruined stuff ... booooo

Katie said...

You have the most beautiful children! I'd have to say that if I saw you guys in publice, I'd definitely look twice - not just because there are three, but because they are just so very pretty.

Anonymous said...

M&Ms...they melt in your mouth, not in the laundry! What adorable little laundry helpers you have. :)


JEN said...

Please send them over to my house to help with laundry. I pay in M & M's and hugs.

Cindy said...

Allie (?) is too cute - she REALLY loves that purple dress. You have beautiful little helpers.
And one work about checking pockets - my 3 girls are not the's their dad that's the major offender in our house. After being with them all day, he always has "interesting" things in his pockets and I usually remember to empty them, but sometimes...well sometimes I remember when I switch out the laundry :)