Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Ducky Race

Saturday afternoon, we had planned to bring the girls to a charity duck race. Rubber tubby ducks, that is. We hyped it up. The girls were excited. And wouldn't you know that the whole thing was a kind of a letdown.

We arrived a bit later than we wanted to (what else is new) so we loaded Allie and Em into the double stroller and Rich carried Anna in order to quickly make our way to the race. The viewing area was cramped and people were a tad bit rude (Oh, I'm going to pretend like I don't see the stroller and stand right in front of it.)

What really pushed the girls over the edge though was the real live "big ducky" standing in the stream to monitor the race and ensure that no cheating occurred. Unfortunately, I think the costume was more chicken than duck but duck, chicken, didn't matter. The girls were a bit freaked out.

Check out Allie sitting in the stroller.

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Yeah, the Big Ducky ensured that little girls named Allie and Em stayed put.

The Big Ducky also caused Anna to have a silent breakdown. She was crying but not making any sound. I felt bad but she was so gosh darn cute.

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Check out that pouty face!

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The fair that went along with the race actually ended with the race. As there was nothing else for us to do or see and since we were out and about, we stopped at Old Navy. Of course! The girls were actually very well behaved and kind of funny. Allie and Em were walking around with me while Anna shopped with Daddy. When we came to the bathing suit area, Allie yelled out, "Mommy, there's some underwear for you!"

They loved exploring the clothes in the toddler area and kept picking up items and saying, "Oh, look at how cute this is." Em found a pair of pink sandals that she wanted but they didn't have her size. And as we went to leave, Em started walking away with a pair of shorts in her hands. I was able to tell them that we didn't need anything and they said, "Okay," and put down whatever they had picked up. I can only imagine how that will work in a few years.

We then decided to eat dinner out, which started out quite pleasant. The girls colored and I practiced some natural light photography while we waited for our food.

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I lovingly refer to this picture as Big Richard and Little Richard.

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Emily most resembles Rich so we sometimes call her "Little Richard." She usually says, "I'm not Little Richard. I'm Little Emily."

So everything was going along just fine and dandy until Em announced that she had to go to the bathroom. We were two feet away from our table on our way to the bathroom when Allie decided that she had to go as well. I told Rich that I was not bringing both of them into the bathroom and Allie would have to wait.

I hate trying to have them use public restrooms because they are so little and will fall into the toilet unless you hold them over the toilet. I don't think they are comfortable that way and therefore, they don't go. So of course, Em didn't go.

We've been bringing a little potty and keeping it in the van whenever we are out and about for this very reason. So that is where I brought Allie. And she went.

The rest of the meal was a chorus of "I have to go to the potty." Rich brought Em out to the van in case she really did have to go. She didn't. Allie would not stop chanting.

I told Rich that we wouldn't be eating out for another year or so.

In other exciting weekend news, I have almost completed The Great Closet Turnover of 2010. I just need to label the baskets and shoe boxes. I walked into Allie's room Sunday night as we were getting ready for bathtime to find the three of them playing with too big boots because I had left the closet doors open. Allie told me that they were playing store.


JEN said...

priceless pictures! I guess you didn't get to eat your meal :(

Heather said...

I took Zack to the duck race last year and was a little surprised at how boring it was. We didn't go back this year.

And when you're done with your closet can you come do mine?? Pretty please??

Sarah said...

Jen - I did eat but it wasn't all that enjoyable.

Heather - no way! I can barely handle our closets!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the great closet turnover!

Helen said...

Your talk about the constant potty "needs" and not eating out made me laugh. My husband and I said the same thing when the boys were newly potty trained late last summer/early fall!

Have you tried sitting the girls on the toilet backwards? Practice at home first and then they'll be able to sit on just about any toilet out in public without a fear of falling in! Works great for me boys :)