Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't you just hate when that happens?

I don't often make purchases from Gymboree due to the hefty price tags but I swear that whenever I do, a big sale occurs or a coupon code is released within a week of my doing so.

I was in love with the Glamour Safari collection at its debut but there was no way I was going to buy anything at full price. Especially when the girls don't really need any more clothing items at this time. I noticed that the collection went on sale a few weeks ago so while shopping with Allie last Saturday, we checked it out. It's funny what toddlers like and don't like.

Given that none of the girls liked the alligator clothes that I had thought were adorable I wanted to see what Allie would say about the safari stuff. She loved it. I mean, how could she not? These clothes are just too cute. She picked out this purple dress with little safari animals along the bottom. I decided to go with size 4T thinking that she could get a few years out of it. Allie helped me pick out some shirts and a skirt.

And just so you don't think that she was in the mood to shop and saying that she liked everything, I showed her a tank top with a horse on it and she told me to put it back.

Allie tried the dress on when we arrived home and it was huge. Not just a little bit big. Huge. She was twirling around and around in it, dancing, telling me how much she loved it. Each day after, she asked if she could wear her purple dress. Luckily a cold front blew in buying me some time. A few days after the purchase, I decided that I would return the clothes and repurchase online (bigger selection) in a smaller size.

Well what do you think was waiting in my inbox the very next day? That's right, a 30% discount code. Thankyouverymuch. I jumped online first thing Wednesday morning and ordered the purple dress in size 3T and a bunch of other safari clothing items that the girls had said that they liked. As a special treat, I ordered these purple sandals for Allie. She is going to flip out when she lays eyes on them and insist on wearing them every day. That thought makes me smile.


Liz said...

Give it a couple more weeks for yet another sale... they will go on sale even cheaper.... I hate the sale games they play at Gymboree. But I LOVE their clothing. What's a mom to do? :)

The Power Family said...

I LOVE that line too! I have two little boys though, so I don't think they would appreciate it :) I was looking at it for my niece. SO cute! I do like the Shark Cove boys' line right now too though!

Jacinta said...

Yes, it drives me insane, especially when the sizing differs across all different items

JEN said...

I can find insane sales online on Gymboree, then the next day, go to order them, nope - back to full price. I recently found a Gymboree outlet near us and bought a few summer outfits for $8.

jill said...

When I got laid off from my job, I got a part-time sales position at Gymboree (how hard is it to work there & not spend your paycheck on every cute outfit? very hard).

Every 2 weeks corporate sends out a new list of markdowns - and they don't mark down the whole collection at one time, but pieces of it, which is frustrating for the customers.

At the store I worked at, we would tell our customers if there was a mailed coupon to watch out for, or one in Parents magazine. Very often we'd hold the items for a day or two, until the coupon arrived. Good customer service. Next time, ask the associate about coupons...

Downside to working there - my 4 year old is now a fashion DIVA!

Wendy said...

Whyyyyyyyyy do I have to see this? The Giraffe stuff... Molly would loose her mind over! great choices, btw :)