Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can't forgot about Anna and Emily.

~ A continuation of last night's post~


Anna has been having HUGE meltdowns. Not temper tantrums. Meltdowns where she just cries and cries. Here's an example from Sunday night. Anna wanted a chocolate chip cookie. That conversation and decision was drama free. Until I placed a big cookie on a napkin in front of her. The crying started and I managed to get from her that the cookie was too big. I asked her if she wanted me to break it in half. Does she just want half? Yes, she does. I break the cookie in half and start to walk away with the other half to put it back in the container.

Screaming. Crying. Screaming. I had to take her in the other room. Remove her from the scene, so to speak. Distract her. Cuddle. Talk.

This happens quite often. Daily. The first few times, I was extremely worried about a shunt malfunction, which would cause a horrific headache, which would cause "fussiness." We now know that it is not her shunt. Just three year old stuff.

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Handling an Anna moment is not that big of a deal on it's own but imagine Anna having a meltdown at the same time Allie is melting down about needing another pair of underwear.


Em likes to follow me around the house while making the following statements:

"Hold me."

"Carry me."

"Sit with me and watch Dora."

"Help me with this puzzle."

And yes, it is cute and I love cuddling with her but I can't do it all day long. She is just so attached to me. She wanders into our bedroom almost every night and half the time, she insists upon sleeping on top of me or right next to me.

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Imagine trying to convince Allie to get dressed while calming down Anna while Em keeps saying, "Mommy, carry me." Three three years. Yes, my hands are full.

I want to reiterate that these posts aren't meant to complain just discuss our real life issues. I know how lucky I am.

Don't sweat the small stuff.


Rich said...

Amen, hon.

Stacy said...

Interesting about Anna. My twins are 2 years and about 8 months old. My son recently started doing exactly what your Anna is doing. He cries hysterically for no reason (or not a rational reason). Yesterday my nanny called me at work and I could hear him crying hysterically in the background. She said she gave them each a mini-cupcake after lunch, but Jack was hysterical. She wondered if she should take the frosting off. I asked her if she took the paper off. Yes, of course she did! I suggested she "put" the cupcake liner back on and see what he does. He stopped crying instantly. Weird. And if you EVER break something in half he freaks out and insists you put it back together. Try putting a banana back together! LOL!

My daughter does similar things as Emily - hold me, carry me. But she is also the one that wants to do everything on her own. It's interesting and exhausting all in one.

I get feeling blessed as well as we have had a rough road to the here and now, but it doesn't mean having multiples isn't hard. That's just reality. Three means you are outnumbered ... oy vey!

Love your blog!

Cassie said...

I have an Anna too, his name is Christian! And my Em is Cole. And Connor is the other Mom. He keeps them all in line :)

You are much more patient and understanding than I am. When Christian does the hysterical crying he does not get what he wants...he goes to his room until he calms down, then we can talk about it! Im hoping he catches on soon....

mrsgingergrl said...

Anna sounds just like Katie - i can almost predict now when she's going to do it, and what will make it worse (like breaking the cookie in half). We had one yesterday because I took the paper off her straw. The more i try and 'fix' whatever it is, the worse it gets. I have to just let her go sometimes. It's totally irrational typical little kid behavior. And it makes you want to pull your hair out! LOL

Julia said...

hahaha, again, should I be worried that my 18 month olds are exactly like that? Like they may start banging doors and using the phone for three hours when they are only 8? I have had four of these meltdowns last week, and yes, everything makes them worse, especially breaking anything in half, LOL! Holding and taking them somewhere else used to work, but now it is far less efficient as they can really remember the stuff they are crying about even after looking at the birdies outside or whatever.

They are beginning to communicate well with words, so now Beatrice will come to me at any given moment, give me a pitiful look (eyebrows drawn, sooooo cute, hehe), and say "hold" with arms up.

You are right, we are lucky. It is lots of fun no matter what they do, and oh, so much love.

Tracy said...

Sounds like you are a great mom. I have 3 three year olds and a 1 year old. We started sleep training the kids the day they came home and we've always made the kids sleep in their beds. They only get out of bed after lights out to potty. If Jadon cries over something like his tortilla is the wrong shape, he cries in time out. The discipline wears me out, but it's MUCH easier to care for all these kids if we are all well rested and they can control their emotions. Multiples are a blessing, but whew... I hear ya' when it comes to the work!!! Your girls are adorable.

King Quads said...

I love that they each have their own personalities...so great to capture the everyday small stuff.

His Mom said...

Yes, your hands are full...but we know your heart is too!