Friday, April 16, 2010

"Well, I don't want to get checked out."

So the girls had their three year well toddler appointment today with their pediatrician. They were not scheduled to receive any vaccinations. I had made note of that last year.

Em snuck into our room and the big bed at some point last night. I don't even remember the time. She woke us up before 6:00 to tell us that she wanted to watch Super Why. Can you tell that this child has a one track mind? At some point in trying to distract her because I was not going to turn on the television, we started talking about how we would be making a trip to see the doctor. Em seemed a bit apprehensive so I told her that the doctor was just going to check her out. She responded with, "Well, I don't want to get checked out."

The appointment was going well (no crying, fussing, freaking out or the like) until near the very end when the doctor mentioned that the girls would be receiving two shots. Say what? We were just wrapping up Em's physical when that conversation occurred and she picked up on the fact that she would be receiving shots pretty quickly. (The shots turned out to be a new booster of what the girls had received before and another HIB that had been in shortage when they were supposed to have received it. Don't quote me on this. The paperwork is still in the van and I'm too lazy to go get it for the sake of posting.)

And now I'm a little nervous because the girls have had slightly runny noses on and off for weeks. We honestly think that they have seasonal allergies. Grammy has horrible allergies. If she sees a speck of pollen she starts sneezing and my nose is always running. Even in the summer. I actually have to carry kleenex with me when I run outside because my nose runs so much. So we don't think that they are sick with colds and we sent Anna to school (I know. I haven't posted about that yet!) without blinking but I'm nervous.

There wasn't too much crying with the shots and I felt so bad that I had told Em that there wouldn't be any shots. I learned my lesson. The girls spent the rest of the day walking around with their little arms held up like they had a broken wing. I was calling them my baby birds.

And do you ever have one of those moments when you realize how good of a parent you really are? That happened this evening. Em started flipping out saying that she wanted to keep her clothes on and play all day. This was right before we started the process to head upstairs for tubby time. I convinced her that she needed some sleep so she told me that she wanted to sleep downstairs with me on the couches. She did not want to go upstairs.

I managed to get her upstairs and distracted for long enough to get her undressed without any fighting or screaming but she started crying hysterically when I tried to put her in the tub. And then I remembered what happened last week after gymnastics. (Ah yes, I haven't posted about that yet!) She had a stamp mark thing on her hand and was afraid that it was going to wash off in the tub. It took a few minutes to get that out of her.

So tonight I put two and two together and asked her if she was afraid of her band-aid getting wet. Bingo! She calmed down enough to tell me that she didn't want that part of her arm to get wet. I promised to keep it dry and even gave her a dry facecloth to hold over her band-aid. The bath was cry-free. Poor little baby bird.

Before I end this post, I want to mention that the girls are on the charts but so small.

Allie - 24 pounds, 34 inches
Anna - 23.5 pounds, 33.5 inches
Em - 24.5 pounds, 35 inches (Or maybe 34.5. My notes are in the van.)


Stef said...

Its so funny Em did the "flip out" over her stamps and band-aids at bath time. The little boy (4 y.o.) that I nanny for does the EXACT same thing, I caught on pretty quickly and reassure him that we can get new band-aids, etc. Its quite cute, though, when he sits in the tub and ever-so- gently sheilds his band-aids by covering them with his little hand...ahhh my heart melts!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mother - even though I don't know you personally it shines through all your posts.