Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We help Mommy. Sometimes.

The girls have really been getting into Little Helper mode lately. Whenever we bring in shopping bags from the grocery store or Target, they love to rifle through them and help put things away. They help pack our lunches and my soda supply for the day before Rich and I leave for work. Allie is my little laundry helper as well. She actually becomes quite upset if she discovers that I have done laundry without her.

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(Sorry for the grainy photo - it was taken during the ISO Incident of April 2010.)

I have found that asking for help in stores has saved us from a few meltdowns. For example, when the girls don't want to leave the store, I tell them that I need help pushing the shopping cart. They help push and forget about not wanting to leave.

The one chore that they don't quite seem to want to help out with is picking up their toys. We adults have gotten into the habit of cleaning up while the girls are eating or sleeping. The other night as the girls stood amongst the Little People, magnet letters and dolls strewn about the family room floor, I told them that they might want to pick up before we head upstairs to bed because if they didn't pick up the toys, I wasn't going to and tomorrow morning, they would still be strewn all over the floor.

Em looked at me and said, "Grammy cleans up the mess that we make. We eat while she cleans up. That's what we do."

Can you believe that? I just about fell off of the couch laughing. It was so cute and I was so tired that I decided to postpone my How to Clean Up Your Toys lesson to another day.


Mommy, Esq. said...

It's funny because this "asking for help" works with Penny but it doesn't with Ned - I wonder if it is a boy/girl thing. He is willing to do selve serving chores - like getting his own shoes to go outside. I haven't commented in a while but I love the photos and check back often.

Helen said...

LOL! Smart kid ;)

Liz said...

LOL! Sounds like Grammy is being worked over by three little girls. :)

Sweet August said...

That's a pretty great idea, asking them to help! I will have to see if this works when my little one is older. Thanks for sharing. :) BTW I don't notice any graininess... but it's a great picture!

Leigh said...

what a great idea!

Seems Grammy needs to get them to help too :) They are TOO CLEVER!