Monday, April 26, 2010

Life in the big city

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This past weekend, we packed up the van and the girls and the pink potty and headed into the city for an exciting adventure.

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Yes, the circus. We really had no idea as to how the girls would react to such an event as we had never taken them to any type of show before. We hyped it up and they acted quite excited with a little hesitation mixed in but excited nonetheless.

A few minutes before showtime, Granny, the clown, happened to be socializing in the audience. We pointed him, errrrr, her out to the girls. And then Granny began walking toward our section. Anna and Allie had mini breakdowns. Well, "mini" might be an understatement. Allie turned around in her seat and buried her face in the pile of sweatshirts hanging on the back while grasping onto the sides of her seat for dear life. She was terrified.

She would not turn around even though I told her that the clown was gone and the show had already started so I pulled her around in her seat. She was fine.

The show was one hour and fifty minutes long, including intermission, and the girls were wonderful. They sat still and watched the entire show in amazement. They seemed to enjoy the antics of Bello the clown and near the end of the show, Em kept asking me where he was when he wasn't on stage. When I asked her if she liked Bello, she responded with, "Yes, but not if he comes up here."

All in all, I think our outing was a success.

We ended up parking on the street right in front of the building I work in so I had to take some pictures of the girls posing at the entrance.

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On the way home, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch/early dinner. Again, the girls were so incredibly well behaved. Allie, who had eaten approximately a half a bag of goldfish crackers, didn't really want to eat anything so she played with the utensils instead. She had some type of imagination play going on. I think we received no less than twenty five comments during our meal. At least now there are plenty of "they are so well behaved" comments thrown in so I am not always answering the same questions over and over.

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Oh, I'll throw in a little potty training in here. Allie and Em are "fully" potty trained although on occasion, there will be an accident. I was a bit nervous as to what the bathroom situation would be like at the circus so we had them wear pull-ups and brought a little potty for them to use in the van. What I find funny about Allie and Em is that they can hold it FOREVER. I've heard a lot of parents say that it is so difficult to take young children out because they constantly have to use the bathroom. Yeah, not here. I guess this makes up for the crazy sleeping issues we have had to deal with.

The pull-ups were dry when all was said and done.

In case you are wondering what I thought of the show, here's my mini review. I agree that there are no bad seats. We were seated facing the stage about four rows from the back. There aren't that many rows so we were able to see everything just fine and being "center stage" helped. The show was very entertaining, even for adults. There were some jokes thrown in that were clearly geared toward the adults. Some parts of the show were a bit like watching ice dancing to me but those were short lived. I give it two thumbs up. If you have the chance to see Bello, I wouldn't pass it up. Very entertaining.


Lynn said...

That gives me hope! I've been wanting to take our 3yo twins to a show, but have been too chicken. I think we'll leave the 11 month old at home, but the older two would have a reaction similar to your girls, I think. Well done on taking the bull by the horns and trying such a big adventure!

Sweet August said...

How fun! I read about that circus! Totally jealous that y'all went! Glad you had a good time. :)

Anonymous said...

The girls looks so grown up in these pictures!

JEN said...

These type of outings are so fun with little ones, aren't they? The fun end of parenting :)