Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The dolly was plastic." aka Allie's Tough Day

The second half of Easter day was a little tough for Allie. The girls had discovered these two figurines (a sea captain and a fancy lady) that Grammy and Papa had positioned near the fireplace and much to my delight, the girls jumped into creative playing together.

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Here's an aerial view.

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I checked with Grammy and she told me that the figurines were made of plastic and wouldn't break so it was okay for the girls to play with them. The girls played with those things for approximately two hours. And then after dinner, I was attempting to change the girls into casual clothes for a trip down to the beach. Allie thought her tank top was a bathing suit and didn't want to wear any pants or a sweater with it.

I gave up on her and moved on to my other two victims. You see, that's what happens when there are three of them and one is being difficult. You simply move onto the next and then return to the difficult one and hope that in the time you were gone she has forgotten what she was being difficult about.

Allie was sitting on the floor playing with the figurines by herself when suddenly she started crying. It was a cry of pain. I picked her up and discovered a knot on the side of head which was quickly bruising. Allie told me that the dolly had hit her.

As I held an ice pack to Allie's head, there was some conversation surrounding whether or not the girls should have been playing with the figurines as they were not intended to be toys. Grammy noted again that they were plastic. It is funny how much an almost three year old understands. It is also funny how much she doesn't.

Allie believes that the dolly, as she calls it, hurt her because it is plastic. For the rest of the day, she must have said, "The dolly was plastic," twenty times in her little sad drama voice. It was so hard to not laugh. Some other quotes heard were, "That was the baddest dolly," and, "That dolly hit me."

So after Allie's boo boo was taken care of, we finally made it to the beach. Allie flipped out. She did not want to walk around in the sand.

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That's Em and Anna with my niece, Beth.

And where is Allie?

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Can you see Rich up there by the telephone pole holding her?

So only two of the girls enjoyed the beach. Here's Anna waiting for the cold waves to come in. The water was about 45 degrees. (F not C.)

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Allie's favorite color is purple. Trust me, this is related to the story. I will have to do another post regarding her extensive love of purple. We only keep non-latex band-aids in the house because of Anna's potential allergy. The ones for kids come in different colors and Rich had just purchased a new box specifically because the box we had was out of purple. After the girls' bath that night, Allie insisted that she needed a purple band-aid on her boo boo, which was up in her hair by the way.

I opened the box to find that what was purple on the box was actually blue on the band-aid itself. Allie flipped out again but I was able to convince her that the manufacturer of the band-aid thought that the blue was really purple so it was really purple. It worked. That's all that matters.

I placed that band-aid on the side of Allie's head about an inch below the actually boo boo and it stayed there for two days until her next bath. She would occasionally touch the band-aid and say, "The dolly was plastic."

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Sara B said...

I <3 this story about the baddest dolly. I really love it.

Hilary Surratt said...

I love the pictures by the beach and Allie and the plastic dolly. too funny! :)

Meg said...

I laughed out loud several times while reading this. Just hysterical about the plastic dolly! Kids are so funny!

Anonymous said...

I love those photos on the beach. Sorry Allie got hurt by that mean plastic dolly! That was too cute!


Kristen said...

LOL...this is such a cute story! When it comes to kids stuff it is easy to take on Allie's attitude...ugh, more plastic! :)

Anonymous said...

That is too funny, the naughty babies at our house get put in time out and I have to set the timer and everything. Happy Birthday Allie, Emily and Anna.

Pyjammy Pam said...

i'm not surprised, but they're so smart! and i had to laugh about "moving to the next kid when one is being difficult." sounds familiar. :D