Friday, April 23, 2010

Boston Triplet Toddler Photographer

So I thought I was going to be all professional photographer like and post pictures of the girls' Look at me, I'm three! photo shoot. Yeah, it looks like the last laugh was on me. Not only did the girls not want to participate at all but the ISO on my camera was still, unbeknownst to me, set at 1600 {insert sigh here} so any cute images that I did manage to wrangle out of the girls are all super grainy.

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Allowing them to watch Dragon Tales at the same time was not the greatest idea I've ever had either as they decided that they couldn't pose and watch Dragon Tales at the same time even though the television was right in front of them. I tried bribing them with promises that they could walk around like big girls (no strollers or shopping carts) during our upcoming trip to Home depot.

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Emily, whose intelligence can be a bit frightening at times, actually said, "Maybe you could take a picture of yourself," before turning her full attention back to the adventure unfolding in Dragon Land. Well, how do you like that? She is definitely her mother's daughter.

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Please note that I was the only adult present at this photo shoot so posing and managing the camera was a bit difficult. I wanted them to pose with a little bit of an attitude and their hands on their hips. They kept putting their hands behind their backs. It was a bit funny. And cute.

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Maybe next time.

Please note that I was lazy and didn't edit the backdrop, which was fine to begin with but wouldn't stay flat with toddlers bouncing into it.

(Adorable shirts gifted by Aunt Amelia and Uncle Don. Thanks!)


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Those may not have been the poses you were hoping for, but the pictures are still so are all the ones you post. You are inspiring me to break out the manual to my camera (one of these days). :)

Sweet August said...

I am not a photographer by any means, so I don't have an eye, but these pictures are so cute! You have a beautiful family! And I love their names. :)

Helen said...

Oh my gosh, those shirts are awesome! Any idea where they were purchased?

The pictures are adorable! How frustrating about the ISO! I've done that :(


those shirts are are your girls