Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your toddler can spell!

All I'm going to say is that those letters could have been in the shopping bag in that order. It could just be a coincidence. But when I asked whose name was spelled out, Allie blurted out, "Anna!"

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The girls have been able to recognize and distinquish their names in writing for awhile now. Months and months and months.

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I purchased those letters in order to decorate the girls' rooms with their names. (Better late than never!) Emily and I were "enjoying a potty experience" when Allie and Anna discovered the bag of letters. The girls played with those letters until I made them go upstairs for bed and even when I told the girls to gather their things for bed, I found Allie clutching some of the letters along with Elmo and her blanket. I think some play letters are in our future!

Part of the "potty experience."

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I had taken some pictures of the girls washing their hands earlier but for this potty experience, I was trying to rush the process as I was home alone with the munchkins and it was bedtime. As Emily was washing her hands, she kept saying, "Mommy, take a picture of me." I told her that I didn't know where the camera was. The camera is usually in one of three (or four) spots downstairs but I was trying to hurry the process. She replied with, "It's on the table. Get it."

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Look at that cute face! And look at the laundry mess. I don't know why I didn't just shut the closet door.


Meg said...

Neat! Ours can recognize their names too and they LOVE to "write" their names... which is really just me holding their hand and writing. Where did you get the letters?

Jamie said...

That is awesome!!! I cannot wait for letter recognition...right now we are perfecting 1-10.
I love that your laundry is in your bath...mine in the kitchen...yuck! Have a great weekend!

Liz said...

My daughter can spell a ton of stuff too! It is strange how much they learn that we don't even realize!

Sarah said...

Meg - I picked up the letters at Jo-Ann.