Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shopping and squirrels

Not to be confused with shopping for squirrels.

One afternoon last week, Grammy and I packed up the girls and headed to Jo-Ann, aka Craft Central. I wanted to price out wooden letters to decorate the girls' rooms with and to see what they had for potential backdrops in the way of fabric. When all three girls are with us, we mainly keep them contained in the strollers and/or shopping carts due to the slowness factor. For their age, I must comment that they do quite well when allowed to experience free range toddler shopping.

Being a weekday afternoon, there were hardly any shoppers in the store and we must have heard, "OH. MY. GOD. ARE THEY THE SAME AGE? THEY ARE ADORABLE," from approximately five store employees within the first ten minutes in the store. Allie, who is teething, was getting to be a bit fussy in the stroller and wanted to trade places with Emily in the shopping cart. I politely asked Em (begged, really) if she would trade places with Allie. It was a no go. To keep my sanity, I took her out of the stroller. Which means that all three were out and about within 30 seconds.

The girls did fairly well. They did roam a bit but not out of naughtiness. They simply thought it was fun to walk up and down the aisles of fabric. I was finely able to locate a decent color of fleece and headed over to the cutting station. The girls, again, were behaving themselves. There were bins with discount rolls of ribbon so the girls insisted on touching the ribbon. Occasionally, a roll would pop out of the overstuffed bins and they would attempt to pick it up. And I would help them pick it up. There was no throwing or grabbing or screaming or running going on.

Two women ended up in line behind me (we were the only ones waiting.) They were commenting on the girls' cuteness and asked a few questions. The younger of the two said, "See, boys worry me. Girls seem easier." The woman cutting the fabric decides to invite herself into the conversation by saying, "Oh no. Doesn't matter. I had both boys and girls. If they are three years old, they are three years old. Doesn't matter if they are girls or boys." Huh?

I really hope that when I am 95 years old, I am not that grumpy. Geeeesh.

Now for the squirrels. On Saturday morning, I was drawing with Anna when I heard Em exclaim, "Take a picture!" I found her and Allie in the fireplace. (Please note that this fireplace has never been used.) So, of course, by the time I grabbed the camera, they had scooted out. But then Anna decided that it was her turn.

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She was so proud of herself for discovering the flue lever. At least I think it was the flue lever.

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And then I told her that she had opened the top of the chimney and that the squirrels were now going to come into the house. Look at her "Maybe that wasn't such a good idea" expression!

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Yeah, that lasted for about two minutes.

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mie said...

That picture of Anna is priceless!

Samantha said...

I don't know if I would take that lady's comment as grumpy. Maybe she was just trying to defend that both are difficult in their own way. Of course having 2boys and 1 girl, I think having boys is more difficult, especially hearing how behaved your girls were in the store. My boys would be trying to climb everything!

Cassie said...

Im with Samantha on this. Of course, maybe it was her tone that made it grumpy :) But 3 is considered the new 'terrrible 2's' lol

But, that being said, my boys would have most likely been chasing each other through the aisels, laughing hysterically and searching for places to hide...So, girls are sounding better, right??

I cant complain too much. Although they are very high energy lil boys (who have a tendency to tune mamma out), they are sweet and wonderful. :)

Sarah said...

Trust me - it wasn't what she said - it was how she said it.